Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The journey begins...

I have always been indisciplined, guess breaking rules is something that always excited me. But how does it really matter, when you create rules & you break them!! Except for the fact that everytime you falter, you know yourself a little better (never mind, I'm just making excuses!). a quick anecdote behind naming my blog "It must have been love..." I love the movie "Pretty Woman".. guess it's one of the movies which I have seen more than twice. I love the way this song by Roxette was filmed. don't all of us (girls I mean!) have a Vivian Ward tucked away somewhere within us?!

Sydney Pollack passed away. I am saddened not because I am a great fan of his, but because he was a sensitive person to make a movie like "Out of Africa". It's a fantastic piece of art delving so deep into a gamut of emotions especially pertaining to crisis & loss. There's an ethereal thing about that movie.. a must watch for everyone!