Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The journey begins...

I have always been indisciplined, guess breaking rules is something that always excited me. But how does it really matter, when you create rules & you break them!! Except for the fact that everytime you falter, you know yourself a little better (never mind, I'm just making excuses!). a quick anecdote behind naming my blog "It must have been love..." I love the movie "Pretty Woman".. guess it's one of the movies which I have seen more than twice. I love the way this song by Roxette was filmed. don't all of us (girls I mean!) have a Vivian Ward tucked away somewhere within us?!

Sydney Pollack passed away. I am saddened not because I am a great fan of his, but because he was a sensitive person to make a movie like "Out of Africa". It's a fantastic piece of art delving so deep into a gamut of emotions especially pertaining to crisis & loss. There's an ethereal thing about that movie.. a must watch for everyone!


  1. Hi Pooja,

    You sound almost like a rebel in the blog. But as somebody has rightly remarked "We are all born free but everwhere we are chained" we can't help but stick to the rules. Having said that history is evidence that people who had the courage to break rules went on to change history.This however comes with a price tag and only people who are convinced about their beliefs can afford that.

    Hope i'm making some sense here!

    Abhinav Thakur

  2. Hi Pratima......

    Good taste and soft writing ......
    All the best........I appreciate you



  3. Pooja,

    This is the first time I am reading your Blog. Thought that I should point out something.

    It is in animal nature to rebel. I guess, the primary reason is that we feel that rules are not for us. Some might like the fact that others think that you are a rebel. But, my personal opinion is that, we earn respect by not breaking rules. We earn respect by understand rules, following rules and maybe modify or change it if it is irrelevant. This way, we are paving the way for a better future for the next generation.

    your comments please !!!

    ~ Avra

  4. :) the post is not about rules...that was just a joke, hence I mentioned, that I am making excuses...Rules are resolutions when you make them yourself, they are rules when made by others!

  5. Ha ha ha ha!!! I was so sure of attracting a comment on this.

    Your comment might not be on rules, but definitely it was on being indisciplined. We need to understand few things. Life is chaotic. Life is being indisciplined. But there is still some sense in that insanity.

    That sense prevails in the form of nature. Man by its own is indisciplined. And when nature cannot take it any further, it back lashes with famine, hurricane, tornado, tsunami and killer disease. It all works like a fine balance.

    I hope that we all understand that and dont tilt the wheel of balance to the extent when it starts rolling. Because if it does start rolling, we all (disciplined and indisciplined) would be pasted under it.

    ~ Avra