Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Public-Private entente

I studied Economics in College & University...not that I understand the mechanisms of the economy very well. While studying the role of Public Sector, I learnt that Private Players in any area – Infrastructure, Agriculture operate on the basis of market forces – Demand & Supply. The role of the Government comes in with a more egalitarian & samaritan flavour. Today, if I set myself in a venture, I would price my commodity or service with two simple objectives – Maximization of Profit and Minimization of Costs. As a private player, I am justified in doing so probably a shed more justified than the Government doing the same thing. But Honestly, I wouldn’t really mind if the Government too works on the same principle, because as an Economy matures, that should be the practice. The people should be that well-off to afford the goods & services at market price, and gradually putting an end to subsidized regime. But my problem is something entirely different...The Government is closing down its profitable concerns because private players are bribing them to do so! This is absolutely not acceptable....the private players want to have a greater market share, & they bribe the Government...who suffers....? Who else, but we!!

I’ll quote a personal example – There used to be quite a few state-run buses plying between Salt Lake & various parts of the City. For the benefit of those who have not been to Calcutta, these buses are fast, big, and provide the commuters far greater comfort than those belonging to the private players. The recently deceased Transport minister Subhas Chakraborty (God, rest his soul in peace!) shut them down gradually, and in turn made loads of money which I believe his family is enjoying presently. The kind of transport left has added to the woe, leads to increases misdeeds (the shuttle accident & molestation I am referring to).

Something needs to be done...and it’s we consumers who can do it. We can’t let these buggers get away with this!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Going Green - I

The discussion happened when Avra came to invite me for his wedding...oh yes another wedding invitation to my endless list! He gave a neat wedding invitation-card, with an eager smile please-come type. I thanked & promised to be there to gorge on the food. After a while staring at the card, I remarked, “you should not did send me a mail & that was need for the card. These are only for that generation who do not use email...after all cards are wastage of paper....” He came up with the argument that most people do, "Cards are special, emails don’t give the same feel as card is superficial ...." There must be millions of wedding happening every year, if everyone saves on at least two hundred cards....oh my maths is bad, I have no clue how many zeroes that will be, but I know for sure that a lot of trees will be saved!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Rendezvous with Auro

A beautiful Sunday afternoon, truly well spent is how I would describe it. After a very hurried walk to the multiplex, My Ma & I was just in time to catch the 11:50 show. As every critic & audience agrees that Auro was fantastic & so was his Paa & Ma, and the dialogues were really good. Apart from these Balki has created some very touching moments in the film.

The scene where Vidya confides to her Mum about her pregnancy touched a chord. The scene was so well scripted. The Mother did not go into a fit of rage or throw tantrums, she boldly laid down the choice, and the good thing was she was not projected as a very bindaas Mother who accepts an error on her daughter’s part but a woman who herself has raised a kid on her own and talks it out with her...Life after all is a lot about the choices we make. Arundhuti Nag is a gritty & fantastic woman in real life, and Balki did a wonderful job casting her, as he had cast Zohra Sehgal in Cheeni Kum. The general rapport shared between Auro & the two generation of women has been portrayed so well, without emotions going overboard. On the same note, the scene between Arundhuti Nag & AB Jr. has also been done beautifully. When a woman faces hardships for a long time, she becomes strong from within...not easy to crack her then!
This movie was Vidya’s best till date, way better than Parineeta....Cheers to her! The kids were good; especially Auro’s best Vishnu...Balki sure has a way with kids.

A must watch would not want to miss the movie that would bag highest number of awards...would you?

P.S.: A nice statement made about boundaries about states in India...we all know towards whom the comment has been directed :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

a head-less chicken, who doesn't want to run!

It’s been mad for the past few many things to do, & time’s running (time & tide waits for none is probably the most under-rated proverb!). The weekend is looming large like a scary giant, & though it’s Friday afternoon, I can already feel Monday breathing down my neck!

These days I am working out of the client’s office, & an extra dimension has been added to my commuting. I had almost forgotten what it is like to travel in the mini-bus of Calcutta, which can appropriately be termed as tin-dabba! Yes, the drivers in the initial hour ply the vehicle like they have gone for a stroll in the evening with their girlfriends which turns to an *** on fire in the later half! & poor me gets tossed & turned, with a huge laptop bag on my shoulders!!! If I appear 60 degrees bent, trust me it won’t be due to my bad walking posture!

After going through this all I crave is for a restful weekend...but, heck no! The whole world seems to be getting married now; almost every second day there’s a wedding/reception to attend! This weekend is no exception, as a matter of fact, both Saturday & Sunday is going to be there....Though I am a foodie, but after few such parties all the delicious stuff starts tasting the same! Moreover, presents have to be there I end up shopping when I am not attending the party!

I have promised Ma to take her out to watch ‘Paa’ and that’s one promise I better live upto....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The aura of stars

I have had an account in Twitter for quite some time now, but it’s just recently that I have been active. I think it can be fairly attributed to Shashi Tharoor and his crass comment that gave Twitter the attention...and what I observe almost every B-Town, and net-savvy politicos are active, especially the tinsel town twittering is very pronounced. Now, if we take a look at the past couple of decades, the actors and actresses from B-town used to maintain a distance from common folk. That was the way they maintained their star-status. The media made them a star. Now-a-days thanks to Internet, and its access to one & everyone you get to know when they went for their head massage and where, what they had for breakfast, what movie they watched.....and the list goes on & on. The glamour is wearing off....& I hope it does.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blytonesque literature

She shipped me to a world where everything was perfect. The perfect summer holidays, with friends, a bicycle, a dog & a mystery. She took me through a boarding school on a sea-cliff overlooking the deep blue water, girls playing lacrosse in the evening, strict but affectionate teachers and naughty classmates. She whispered in my ears the tales of forgetful Mr. Twiddle, finicky Golliwogs, naughty Amelia Jane, impatient Fatty, astute Alicia, tomboyish Georgina. I longed to experience the English summer holidays, stay in a circus caravan to have a slice of the fun Jimmy felt. Her writings were as faraway possible from the British snobbery. She instilled in me a love for reading for which I am grateful till today. And BBC bans dramatization of her writings, saying it is ‘stilted and longwinded’.....but to this day her popularity has not suffered...I grew up reading Enid Blyton and so will my children!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If you really hate someone what is one curse that you can throw to that person, that would make his/her life an incessant hell? .... a devil of a boss!...I am sure someone had cursed me the same!

Monday, November 16, 2009

.....God help Marathi Manoos!

This subject has become especially close to my heart. My country witnessed discrimination based on caste & religion in the post-independence era which had its roots deep ingrained from the medieval ages and even before. I am not sure if prejudice against language existed but what is more alarming is that it is on the rise by the day! I am sure it was not this blatant as it is today by the sheer fact that we have a huge Marwari & Gujrati community in Calcutta, Bengali community in Bangalore, Telegu & Malyali community in Bangalore, Gujrati & Parsis in Bombay...& they coexisted happily...primary because it was one India! But things are changing seek a job in Maharashtra, MNS demands that the candidate in question needs to be a Marathis Manoos! It’s all well & good as long as it is a demand, but now they beat up people, they indulge in the act of hooliganism causing destruction of life & property. Surprisingly from the recent elections it seems that there is a sizable mandate which supports their concern!
There are two questions that need to be addressed – First, who comprises of this sizable mandate? Secondly, how justified & logical is the demand?

To answer the first question, let me start with a quick story. I have a Bengali friend staying in Bombay for the past ten years working in a reputed company. Till the last elections held a month back, his name did not appear in the voting list. I am sure this is true for many such non-Marathi mortals who have been staying in Bombay for a considerable amount of time. They earn their living there, have invested in property, shed tears last November when terror struck...they are true Bombayites or Mumbaikars as you’d call them! But they are not able to exercise the constitutional right because of the logistic issue of not getting their names in the voter list. So we can safely say, that most of the common folks who go out to vote are the Marathis and a sizable population staying in Bombay missed out on the voting opportunity. Now I can name ten companies headquartered in Bombay whose CXO is non-Marathi. Would I be too wrong to make a statement that the a particular section of Marathis are falling behind in competition to grab top jobs, hence feeling insecure...and that is the reason why they vote for MNS. This section wants a quota for them because they are incompetent and a political party with discrimination based politics caters to their insecurity!

The second question is simpler...from the constitutional point of view, if the keepers of the nation had thought it was justified they would have introduced restricted mobility among states in India, and we would have required a passport to visit a neighbouring state. Besides, the constitution clearly states that it is a right to take a job, practice a trade anywhere within the legal boundary of India!

To Raj Thakre, Bal Thakre and the clan...who has sent their kids to English medium schools and spread the Marathi Manoos propaganda to keep their political presence alive....compete and win! Produce a Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar, Ashutosh Gowarikar, Madhuri Dixit, Vijay Tendulkar, Smita Patil and the likes, the entire India will pay homage to you....if the incompetent idiots demand preferential treatment, be in Bombay or anywhere in the World...all you’d get is a thumbs down!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Musing

I watched Phir Milenge yesterday night albeit five years too late. I did watch bits & pieces before, but never got a chance to watch the complete piece. Revathi’s creations are food for thought and definitely a treat to watch. Apart from the awareness about the virus and fighting for one’s rights, there’s one more subtle thing the film touched upon. Being engrossed so much in our career, we lose touch with the reality...where the job never takes care of us. It is friends & family who are by our side through thick & thin. A boss or a co-worker however good he or she is, remains a colleague at the end of the putting happiness & life at stake for the sake of career is a risk which not at all worth taking!
Nandita Puri’s attempt to sell a few extra copies of her book though lurid publicity comes across as cheap and shocking. What length these people are willing to go for money & fame ...shame!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Life's Like that

I have to learn a tool, more specifically ‘Business Objects’ in next 5 days, and implement it for a client and be perfect at the how tough is that?

I set very high expectation among people around me, I am damn good for them and they are for me, as long as I am keeping up to those expectations...the moment I falter, I get the bad is that?

If you are incessantly ill, for no fault of yours...people are initially concerned, then sympathetic, then preachy, followed by indifference ending with blame (for unable to take care of yourself) cruel is that?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

winter memories

Gone are those childhood winter days. Ma would pester me for the shower I was not at all willing to take. But it’s true, after the warm shower which I took with reluctance I actually felt better. We’d bask in the sun after lunch in the balcony, the heat much mellowed down unlike that of the sultry summer in Calcutta. Ma peeled the orange & my eyes would sting from the water coming out from the orange peel. She used to say it is good for the eyes. I would play badminton with my neighbourhood pals in the dusty winter evening. Gone are those days....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Challenging Democracy

Whenever I switch on any of the local channels, all I hear about is Maoists...I have no clue who they are, what they are fighting for and I wonder if anyone does! But my take is that violence seldom achieves anything stable in long term and Democracy as a political form of governance is too powerful to be swept off by any armed rebellion. Many people tried and they were not able to succeed....history stands testimony to that.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wake up Raj Thakre

Raj Thakre has proved again that he is a failed politician. Apart from the surname he has nothing to his political credibility; he is an expert in converting non-issues into humungous issues and bring disturbance in people’s lives. The word Bombay is as casually used in the movie ‘Wake up Sid’ as I use Calcutta every time and not Kolkata. If some politician persecutes me for that then down with that bugger!
Wake up Sid is a refreshing movie, pure fun to watch. It has its brilliant moments. Ranbir Kapoor after a series of disasters has finally come of age as a natural. Four generations of contribution to Indian cinema is evident. Sid’s reconciliation with his Mum was a touching moment. His relationship with his friends is so real; these must be real anecdotes from Ayan Mukerji’s diary...especially the treatment of sincerity towards the obese friend without making a mockery of the obesity. Konkona’s character Aisha is slightly straight out of the book, with dreams and landing on the job right away, nevertheless there is certain freshness about the whole treatment. Her displaying irritation knowing Sid’s affinity with the other girl was so real. Her flat is quaint; it made me nostalgic about my stay in Bangalore! Konkona is good as ever, as a bong I am so glad that she’s making her mark in mainstream cinema....she learned from the mistake her Mum Aparna committed so many years back by declining Shyam Benegal’s Ankur which finally became the debut film of Shabana Azmi. One thing I noticed, it’s evident on screen that both sides of her nose is pierced...the make-up guys should have taken care of it. Guys, you must go & watch the’s worth time & money.

Mahalaya marks the advent of Durga puja. People visit the ghats of Ganges to pay homage to their ancestors in the early morning.

junior client

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I am upset!

I have not been keeping well for some time now...continuously plagued by fever, or some kind of infection. I am confined within the four walls for the last few weeks. Is travelling taking a toll on me...maybe its age!

why are gold merchants prosperous?

Today is the Kojagiri purnima, a special full-moon night. The significance lies in doing Lakshmi puja today especially among people with roots in opaar bangla i.e. Bangladesh. I just recalled a funny story that I had heard long back...why are the gold merchants so rich?
Legend goes that Lakshmi had visited a gold merchant’s house. The merchant’s wife asked her to sit, said she has some quick work to finish and sought a promise that the Goddess must not leave until she is back. Lakshmi promised. Guess what the merchant’s wife did...she tied an earthen pot around her neck, jumped in the pond behind her house and committed suicide. Lakshmi kept on waiting at the Gold merchant’s bound by promise and the merchant’s wife never returned! The gold merchants continue to prosper even today.
Another sacrifice made by a woman....who cares anyway?!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Misplaced Morality

Indians have a mixed sense of values. In any average locality in India, if a girl walks out on a skirt 5 inches above her knees, or a woman sports a blouse that has a neck deeper in length than usual, she is an object of cat-calls. That still can be handled, but there have been incidents where it gets violent – using the cigarette or the blade to display the manly prowess and show the women their position in the society – such gruesome tales are quite commonplace. And no prizes for guessing the cop’s reaction - she dressed to provoke!!!! ...and all in the name of Indian culture and purity!
I had been to the Ganges Ghat (banks) very recently. In the name of holy-dip the skin displayed by men and Women can put any B-grade movie into shame. Moral policing doesn’t work there....because it is in the name of the HOLY DIVINE!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Reincarnation of Hirok Raja in 2009

This post may go very much un-appreciated with non-bong fellow readers, but I’d be as illustrative as possible. Among the host of films that Ray made, ‘Hirok Rajar deshe’ definitely is a must-watch. It talks of the atrocities of the ruler, corruption, greed, vengeance and most of all obsessions-with-self. There is also a vision of class-less society and redistribution of wealth. What made the movie endearing is the delivery of the thought not through heavy-hanging dictums, but satire! In the movie the king is obsessed with hirok – diamonds and himself.
Though Ray was narrating fiction, but a lot of such crazy kings and queens are ubiquitous in our World. Well, I am referring to none other than Mayawati. Let’s see some of the quick similarities between the fiction king and her highness Mademoiselle Maya....

1. Statues – Maya loves statues, by the time her tenure ends...Uttar Pradesh may actually look like M-urat Pradesh
2. Greed – Hirok Raja was greedy for money, and could go to any extent to levy taxes.If they refuse to pay, they pay with their lives! Maya’s goons openly murder people if they don’t pay (remember, the engineer who got killed for refusing to pay for her birthday!)
3. Love for Diamond – The lady is known to flaunt her diamond rings and necklaces. Ironic, in times or recession and draught!

The essence of democracy lies in the freedom of expression. Madam Maya seems to have forgotten that, she apprehends anyone who raises their voice against her, and she does it all by undemocratic means.
So...going by the story, the end should be same for Maya as it did for Hirok Raja...

Doree dhorey maaro taan
Maya hawbe khan-khan!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why are we so feudal?

Even after sixty-two years of independence, we, Indians are innately feudal. After working in Companies which are driven by US policies, I have recently joined a company which is essentially Indian in more ways than one. The first day I joined, I noticed a sir-culture quite unlike my previous organizations. I did have a slight anticipation about this, so I took it into my stride. Apart from this, my office being located in Calcutta had the-dada-culture about it as well! Bongs just have to be so stereotypical! The next thing that kept me gaping for the entire next week was the preferential treatment meted out to certain groups of the employee. I can’t help but sharing these with you. For these herd, plates are laid out, food is served, water poured in tumblers, food if brought from home is heated in microwave...whereas for the other low and subservient souls, they have to stand in queue as long as it takes, which is fine as long as it’s the same rule for everyone! I have worked in companies where even the CEO & Managing Director were had to go though the same process as did the just seemed so normal. Car-parks are always reserved for the high & mighty here...Welcome to India!

This was one of the things I directly faced in my small World. A couple of other things that happened in India recently...The state Government of Rajasthan had passed a circular stating that all government officials have to rise and pay due respect (read attention) to the visiting MLAs & MPs (i.e. whenever your highness decides to drop in!) ...isn’t it absolutely ridiculous? Can Respect be forced...shouldn’t it be earned? Aren’t we going back to the ages of Rajas & Maharajas when all their subjects had to rise and bend, in front of them to show respect? Where are we heading as a society...?

Another very recent occurrence, but something that keeps on happening from time to whenever a minster or anyone important (read wealthy) dies, all the media attention is stuck on that person and his achievements however menial they may be! What about the people who die with those two pilots who went down with YSR and innumerable people like them? What is their value as human being? Has anyone even stopped to know....possibly one family has lost their only bread-winner? Do we have to suck up to the rich & wealthy so much? it really necessary to flatter those who are already so privileged? ....time to introspect

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

random note

I realized that I haven’t written a random post for a really long time. Being back to Calcutta for the past one month has spoiled me thoroughly. I make long To-Do list which I hardly ever finish at the end of the day, all I do is doodle away doing nothing! I am having this uncanny feeling that I’d have to pay a very dear price for being such a lazy bone very soon! A few quick updates from my end:
Birthday was very quiet & simple affair & I loved every moment of it. I was in deep slumber when Ma actually called (yes, you got it right, Ma called me within the very same house) sweet of her & I had payesh, the traditional delicacy of a bong B’day, followed by the usual suspects...Thanks J what would I do without you guys! Sudarshan, sounding sleepy...but never failed in last ten you! A friend called umpteen times & wished me birthday every time I picked up the phone...I was smashed! Some people who I never thought would call did, thanks folks! I actually went to office, worked for the entire day, attended a meeting at client’s office (did not crib)...even my boss was impressed! Though, it’s another thing that I was down with flu & stayed indoors for the next two days.

My long dream of having a pendant designed as ‘P’ has finally been’s hardly a week...& I am in love with it!

I am not going to indulge in any Durga Puja shopping this year, considering my Ma is forever complaining that she’s tired of the number of clothes I have accumulated over the years, which I never want to throw away!

I have planned a nice vacation for my parents to Uttaranchal... (in any case, if anyone is wondering, I am not tagging along with them!)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back from oblivion...

My last post & a usual hibernation gave an impression to many that I have bade good-bye to blogosphere....well folks, I am back!

After five years, I am in Calcutta on I-day....I realized it that it’s different when I am based out of Calcutta. In Bangalore, it was always a coveted holiday, to get away somewhere or finish the never-ending chores that are always there when Ma is not around. At home it’s the National anthem in the residential compound amidst aging uncles & aunties followed by a pack of laddoos & samosa, songs with a flavour of patriotism in the loudspeaker.... is this what means, coming home?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

bidding a silent good-bye
one fades away to the oblivion
a cold hand on the fore-head
and Forever into the darkness

Monday, July 27, 2009

Feline Fella

I sincerely believe after years of experience that a good roomie can actually make or break your life...I am sure many a folks would vouch for that. Roomies who forget to switch off the geyser after a bath, or go away keeping the refrigerator door open or who sleep off after keeping the lights on in the adjacent room for the entire night can be quite tiresome, how much sweet they are otherwise! But hey...this post is not about roomies, in fact it is about an incident when my roomie slept off after keeping the lights on!

It was about 3 in the morning, when I got up & noticed the living room lights are on. Sleepy-eyed as I was, cursing under breadth, I slowly made my way there to put it off. Now walking with half my eyes closed, it’s pouring heavily outside, I am in the middle of the room (the switch is in the farthest corner) & phew... there’s actually a huge tabby cat sitting on the couch staring hard at me! Not a sign of fear or trepidation, it sat as it did with its greenish-yellow eyes. My first thought was to drive it away, since I am particularly not fond of cats, but animal-lover instinct took better of me, & I thought about the heavy downpour outside. I actually thought it may get scared if I switch off the lights, which I kept on, did an about-turn & straight to my bed!

Now what would a person expect, when she gets up next morning at 7, that the cat would be gone but hang was right there, where I saw it! Same stare & same poise! Guess what... I wanted to put on the news in the TV, & the remote was lying just next to the feline fella! I decided against going for the remote, thinking my movement might actually scare it off (guess I was more intimidated by the tabby!) I decided to manually change channels. All this while we were actually measuring up each other through the corner of our eyes!

My Maid’s coming in made the cat decide, that it was getting too rough inside now (after all everyone doesn’t have so many kind bones as I do!) ...& it gave me a look (thank you?, not tabby-cats!) & made way towards the window! It’s more than a fortnight now, & I haven’t seen it...wonder where it is, may be another rainy night...& we’d meet again!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

An evening to remember

The evening that I was waiting so eagerly for finally happened today, despite repeated alerts of high-tide & a complete wash-out in the city! I had the privilege to watch Naseeruddin Shah perform in ‘Ismat apa ke naam-I’ in Prithvi...what a delectable performance! I especially liked Ratna Pathak Shah in her narration of ‘Mughal Bachcha’ ...she was a delight to watch with her facial expressions & intonation. I have been a fan of hers, & to watch her perform live was indeed a treat. Naseer-ji was wonderful, as ever. He transferred me to a world of poetry & a perfect diction of hindi influenced with Urdu, that sounds like honey. Last but not the least, the most touching story ‘Chuimui’ by Heeba was a beautiful portrayal of the trial & tribulations women go through even today. An evening worth remembering!

Friday, July 24, 2009

and all that happened....

It is beginning to sound clichéd, but actually I was not taking a break...I have been too busy! This project I have been doing (no path-breaking stuff, despite my frequent disappearing acts!!) is finally going to see the day-lights...& that does make me feel elated! This essentially makes me feel I can take a break...I never know! Work is never ends any way!

And all that happend,
I saw ‘Morning Walk’ ... & it’s an utter disaster! No wonder Masand din’t bother to even mention it in his reviews. The movie made me sick, an utter waste of time! There’s a heroine who seems to have come straight from a B-grade flick..I lament about the waste of time & money. What’s making me go crazy is what made sensible actors like Rajit Kapoor, Anupam Kher & Sharmila Tagore go for the movie?! What I suspect is they went for the story-line (which was good, & relevant) but the script was disastrous, so was the rest of the crew, the music & the cinematography....what a waste of resources!

I am following ‘sach ka samna’....initially it was for Rajeev K (me thinks he’s good!) ...but this act of ‘seeing dirty linen in public’ got the better of me. There’s something missing in the show...I feel, despite all the truth & dare stuff, there’s a certain bit of inhibition...both from the producer-host as well as the participants. Inspite of the tall claims, there’s this holding-back factor which is not giving me the kick....people are blaming it on the Indian mentality, but when you decide on format for the show, there's no going half-way is what I feel!

And the rest of my life remains same...well, I can’t stop wondering in anticipation for today evening (well, it’s 1’0 clock in the night anyway!) why? ....I’ll tell you soon, So long!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bombay experience

If there is a must-have experience list that one should go in through in India, spending a monsoon in Bombay would definitely figure in top ten! This is my first monsoon in this city & I am humbled....not only by the impact nature can have on human lives, but also by the perseverance and tenacity of the people living here. Hats off to those innumerable (really huge numbers!) souls living & commuting here, who remain undaunted, with a smile on their faces, not cribbing or complaining irrespective of caste, creed or the strata of society they belong to. They have accepted this struggle as an innate part of their existence. It can be summed up by this small anecdote.
A weekend or two back, it was really raining cats & dogs...I expressed concern to my maid, whether the lady who cleans my bathroom would be able to make it in this heavy downpour. My maid, nonchalantly remarked...”off-course she’d come, don’t you go to work if it rains?! ...this is her work; she’s getting paid for it”.

I have stayed in quite a few cities in India...certainly the people here are different...must be in the city’s genes.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday rumination

I have hurt my leg badly….Don’t ask me how…it was a small cut, that reacted badly with sweat (Guys, I stay in Calcutta!!!) and turned itself into a huge bruise with colors like red, pink, yellow, magenta & a tinge of blue that’s making me impossible to walk without a limp. A limp’s also ok, but it feels like a dozen pins pricking my skin whenever I change my posture. Yet, I am feeling very happy today…Well, today is a Friday and tomorrow is a Saturday. Aren’t they reasons enough?

My weekend looks very relaxing. I plan to wake up late…. as usual there are going to be a few chores to attend to, but I plan to catch up on a play, read and meet friends who I have been longing to meet for sometime….& it’d be a resolution not to touch the computer!

Nature’s fury….tragedy at Sundarbans!

Sundarbans have always been vulnerable to natural calamities…the forest, the ocean; the mangroves have been a foe as well as a friend. The people there get mauled by tiger, shredded to death & swallowed by crocodile, washed away by tide! The forest takes innumerable lives every year, and at the same time is a major source of livelihood, and so is the sea. If something like Aila hits, it brings along a plethora of epidemics, for which the administration is not prepared. National Television is downplaying the issue; probably it is not important enough! In the midst of all this, our dear politicians are politicizing the issue to gain mileage instead of using their power & position to make things better. We have to decide what way we can be of help to the folks out there, be it contributing money through aid organizations or giving clothes, food & medicines or voluntary service. Its sheer luck by chance that where we are today, and how we can help those people depends on us…our conscience!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I left home,
I left the familiarity of those faces,
I left those countless arguments,
I left the warmth of the bed.

The pain is so deep
yet, I smile
my naïveté tells me
I have just come a mile.

It’s far & far away
the distance is in the mind
and to cross those seven seas
it’d take more than seven nights.

But, who wants to cross?
loneliness is a loyal friend
it follows me like a shadow
without the feeling of a bind.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Back to home!

I have returned home after a month long travelling and it feels wonderful. I am letting myself be pampered thoroughly at home. Today is a thoughtful day for me, well, typically such days come to me once in a quarter or more, when I really get into a self-introspection and thinking mood...and today it is in perfect sync with the weather outside, it’s cloudy and gloomy! It seems the city has gone onto depression after the cyclone and the storm and it is mourning the loss!

When I am happy about something I want the feeling to last forever, and I want the guarantee for happiness! It is extremely weird considering the good things in life never come with a warranty certificate...but it just exposes how vulnerable I am to my feelings. Most of the time when we enter into a feeling, there’s a good amount of control that we can exercise, but I have often wondered if that holds true if we want to exit! I am not talking about getting rid of a feeling, but how does one shed off something one really likes? Is there a way not to let the lingering feeling get better of you....there has to be!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is it a verdict for Mamta…or verdict against Left?

It is as loud and clear as it can get in West Bengal…the people are tired of the ‘left’ way of doing things. I am not sure why it comes as a surprise, because in the recent past there were reasons crisp and definite to boot them out of power and having any say in the Central Government.

The way they treated veteran parliamentarian Somnath Chatterjee was despicable! They completely forgot that the Speaker’s position in Parliament is a constitutional role and they can’t ask a Speaker to resign on grounds of politics. What came as a surprise to me is that they claim that no one person in the party takes a decision for them. The issues are discussed and debated threadbare before reaching to a final conclusion. If that is so, then expelling Somnath Chatterjee, was a folly of the entire crowd…is that what they are trying to say? There stand on nuclear deal led on to a no-confidence motion in parliament, and almost led to premature national election when the uncertainty brought by global economic crisis was enough of a fear dwelling in our minds! I as a responsible resident of Calcutta strongly question their existence….apart from land reforms in West Bengal, what have they done for Nation’s interest?

Anyways, it’s up to them now to take stock, and how they plan to play a role in India’s future! But, the other angle to the results is, did people vote for Mamta or did they vote against left? Possibly the later….It is for the matured people to see, that Mamta is equally irresponsible. To her credit, she has destroying TATA Nano Project, resisting CNG public transport in Calcutta and so many more. She did a very shabby job with Indian Railways when she was heading the portfolio. In fact, having an opposition like her was always to the Left’s advantage….as long as she is there, they don’t have to worry! The assembly elections are on it way in 2011, and she’s already eyeing the CM’s job….Well, times will tell….But Bengal deserves better than a crazy vision-less woman, and a egotist, red elephant… anyone listening?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happiness on hold!

I am unhappy….the face-off between multiplex & movie-makers is not helping at all! I mean, how long can one sustain by watching those dry English movies and worst of all, no movies at all! I realized how much I love those song & dance sequences coupled with caramel-popcorn! And I am wondering, have these producers and the entire stake holders of the industry got so much cash stashed away that they can afford to not release their products for so long…. I mean we normal guys can’t afford to be out of jobs for more than a month, well may be two for the more planned breed…… But miss you guys…I admit, life is difficult without the regular Friday fever!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mothers....they are smart!

Mother's day was just last week...& incidentally I got this forward from a dear friend a day ago...& I loved it! We all think that we are smart, but we forget that it's our Mothers who gave birth to us and not the other way round! Enjoy the snippet guys...

Mom comes to visit her son Kumar for dinner......who lives with a girl-roommate Sunita. During the course of the meal, his mother couldn't help but notice how pretty Kumar's roommate was. She had long been suspicious of a relationship between the two, and this had only made her more curious.Over the course of the evening, while watching the two interact, she started to wonder if there was more between Kumar and his roommate than meet the eye.
Reading his mom's thoughts, Kumar volunteered, "I know what you must be thinking, but I assure you, Sunita and I are just roommates."About a week later, Sunita came to Kumar saying, "Ever since your mother came to dinner, I've been unable to find the silver plate. You don't suppose she took it, do you?"

Kumar said, Well, I doubt it, but I'll email her, just to be sure."So he sat down and wrote:
Dear Mother,
I'm not saying that you 'did' take the silver plate from my house, I'm not saying that you 'did not' take the silver plate... But the fact remains that it has been missing ever since you were here for dinner.
Love, Kumar

Several days later, Kumar received an email from his Mother which read
Dear Kumar,
I'm not saying that you 'do' sleep with Sunita, and I'm not saying that you'do not' sleep with Sunita. But the fact remains that if she was sleeping in her OWN bed, she would have found the silver plate by now under the pillow...

Stressed...or getting older?

Like Aamir Khan in Ghajini, I am suffering from short-term memory loss…like take today as an example, I went to photo-copy my passport, and forgot it in the photo-copier, it’s just that after coming back to my desk, I thought of getting another document photocopied that I went back, and found my PP lying there…considering I am working out of a client office this could have turned into a potential disaster! Well, I can go on endlessly about similar such instances in the recent past, and some of them were pretty serious…but the question that is nagging me at the back of my mind is, am I getting older or is it too much work on my plate? Either way, there’s not much I can do…but being a virgo, these sort of things are quite unlike me….. and guys…I am worried! Can anyone help?

Monday, May 4, 2009

I am not going to vote!

The elections are in full swing and the media is going crazy. The debate is on endlessly...what the alliances are and who’s trying to woo whom etc. And there’s the accusation of low turn-out especially with all our stars lined up to show how they have become aware of their duties and responsibilities...oh’s nice to be followed by the camera and all your pics splashed on the next day’s newspaper with your designer goggles and statement attire! They say that the heat is responsible for the low stupid, don’t we brave this heat and go to work every-day?! Don’t our people brave this heat, and do farming, go to factories and sell wares on the street. For these people there is nothing called weekends and holidays...its work or no food for the day! Even for the urban middle-class there are people who go to work, in weekends and holidays....!!! Hence heat is NOT the reason...So what could possibly be the reason? Before that, tell me what should I vote for...who should I state my preferences for and who against? Aren’t they all the birds of same feather? 16th May is going to be a numbers game...they will form alliances without any ideological or constructive vision! Besides, show me a party manifesto where they have come up with a vision to make our lives better!! What difference does it make at all as to who sits in North Block...except that the one who does will become richer and fatter!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A few thoughts

I have been away for a while…blame it on my struggle for bread & butter or my inefficiency, either way its okay. Today is a Saturday, and I am actually working full day! In fact it’s a long weekend, with elections held on Thursday and May Day being a Friday… but I am working….Sometimes I wonder, is this really me…?! Meanwhile life has not been a standstill exactly. A few quick thoughts:
  1. I have given up following IPL after the continuous dismal (that’s a kind word!) performance of Kolkata Knight Riders…I am right now blaming it on the color of their dress…oh I love black, and it’s quite a dominant shade in my wardrobe and I am not the astrological type either… but I don’t know what else to blame…Imagine being in Bombay, and being subjected to the taunts of fellow colleagues, friends….how you Knight Riders let us down?!!!
  2. I watched ‘The reader’ and I am bowled over completely by Kate Winslet’s performance…some maturity! …I just know why they call her the next Meryl Streep. What a pity that I haven’t been able to catch up on ‘Revolutionary Road’ yet, but I am sure I will. Anyone willing to lend me a copy?
  3. After a quick trip to Calcutta, I find the Bombay summer extremely pleasant! I don’t even mind commuting through the horrible traffic…in fact I am falling in love with Bombay, not only for the weather but also for those innumerable small things like a walk in the Carter road promenade at midnight!
  4. I am reading “The Crow-eaters” by Bapsi Sidhwa…Amazing is the word! Many may have watched 1947 Earth based on her novel Ice-candy Man.... a must have on your book-shelf!
  5. Thanks to the quality of the Bengali dabba and the unplanned way we ask for it, my roomies and I have become Domino’s loyal customer; in fact we have tasted all the varieties of Pizza that they offer! Trust me…it’s not fun! But I am going to have a very authentic bong dinner tonight.

I am famished now…got to go for the dinner!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mayawati though the eyes of foreign press

Newsweek has done a story on Mayawati and it is indeed a very objective piece. The candid observations make up for good reading and something to ponder upon, especially on the extreme regressive attitude the frontline leaders harbour!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Joy of travelling light!

I learnt it the hard way! I have never known how to travel light. Every time when I used to pack my bags I would overload myself with stuff I thought I can’t do without, and most of the time I would never get a chance to wear those extra pair of jeans! But I would never learn! A nagging backache after a bad fall in 2005 also did not help, and the thing is it did not deter me to be extra cautious while I am packing. The incident that helped me mend my ways happened in December 2007 when I was on my way back from Holland. As typical of me I was on the brink of the usual limit when I was doing my onward journey, top it with shopping (retail therapy is the best therapy!) and I was over the limit on my way back...guess what the price I paid...€155... my six days of per diem!!!! And I never used half of the stuff I carried...what is the possible use of a chiffon blouse in December in Europe...a pity that I never thought of it before!

But now...I am a wise traveller. Most of the time, I manage through cabin luggage, it helps me to save the time waiting for the check-in baggage! Even if I don’t confine myself to cabin baggage only, I feel lighter and a lot less worried on how to manage bags with a bad back! By the way cutting down on shopping is never an case someone was wondering!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The lonely tree

I had been to Kasauli a couple of years back, an amazing trip for reasons more than one. It was one trip, which I had planned on paper. It all happened apart from the dreadful cold & fever for which I had to cancel my trek to Triund and instead settle with Kasauli, I was glad that I did. For those who are not aware Kasauli is located a few KMs down Simla in Himachal Pradesh. I happened to stay in one of those old bunglows, on the hill. I remember Kasauli for the monkey that chased me (may be I’d narrate the story some other day!), the absolutely heady peach & apricot wine, the long winding roads, the mouth-watering chicken-ham-mushroom omelette that I ever had but most of all I would remember it for that tree. It came on my way to the bungalow, the road was very steep & I always gasped for breath every fifty meters I climbed…even then it was good because I would get a chance to look far away and catch a glimpse of the snow-capped peaks far away! The branches were bare & deep brown like a withering old woman full of old hill-town tales. It appeared to me lonely and waiting for someone. I came across it for the first time when the sun was setting…it made the tree appear even more solitary…and beautiful.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Friday nights are always Starry!

It is indeed interesting to note how our favorite stars can come together & hug each other as calmly and with thorough professionalism as they did each other’s collars a few months back! The media is going all brouhaha and all past skirmishes are forgotten over “fair rights over Friday nights” … well, it’s all about Friday nights at the end of the day! I don’t have any issues over the fair rights piece, after all in India it’s all about rights & equalities (aren’t we all equal & aware of our rights?!!) But Friday nights…whoa... that’s a different ball game! About eleven months back, AK put a post on his blog, where he mentions about his pet dog, who’s incidentally called Shahrukh…& it went on & on. Media went crazy running each story after another and off-course there were takers for it, but why make a fool of us is my question, when you are all buddies bound by need, if not anything else. Why make us feel that you guys are die-hard enemies when you share your weekend drinks together?!! Fans fight over their favorite star; there are debates, who’s great, greater & the greatest…etc etc… when you guys are all laughing away to glory!!! Off-course these stories are fed to the media by your media relations consultant, that’s why it reaches us…! But why…only publicity stunts?!! Any clue, anyone?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do we deserve a responsible leader?

I was just reading a piece on JFK the other day by Richard Reeves, former Chief Political correspondent with New York Times, & an expert on Kennedy. It was regarding that he had Addison’s disease due to which he had a degenerative back problem causing severe back ache. But, this was kept away from the Press & the public, since the Americans would never want a man with a chronic back ache to run their country!

I think, there’s logic to the thought, if the State head is not physically & mentally fit, how can I expect him/her to look after the best interests of the Nation?!! Let’s draw a similar parallel to India – Prime Minister Vajpayee, had a severe problem with his knee, even he had to go for a knee replacement surgery. The politicians use these to draw sympathy & eventually garner votes! We the common men & women actually give into it! Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, had to go through a by-pass surgery very recently, still he is chipped in as the next Prime Ministerial candidate…Unbelievable!! Today, an eighty-one year old man aspires to be the Prime Minister of this country. Forget that he is the man instrumental behind Babari Masjid demolition, for which history will always remember him (& a key man to create communal tension in the last one & a half decade!), I question his physical capability. Octogenarians in our country suffer from mostly cardiac diseases, renal problems and other systemic diseases. Does he expect us to believe that he is fully fit?!

I have cited just two examples; there are umpteen leaders all over India, for whom the same stories apply. Whenever a leader dies, his wife or children is pitched in as the next leader. Do we even question if they are mentally or emotionally well to take that kind of responsibility?! Even if they are, are they qualified for the job?!! It’s not their fault entirely, the onus is on us...we commoners do not exercise our brains, and we just eat out of their hands…until we are aware of our own responsibilities, we do not deserve responsible leaders!

Friday, April 3, 2009

And these are a few of my favorite things…

It’s Friday afternoon, post 4’o clock…I can smell (rather feel) the weekend. I’d let myself loose on a senseless banter now, so if you choose not to read further, I’ll perfectly understand.

A couple of small things that I love in life (or cherish the memory, when I did it!), not in any order though:
  • A rainy afternoon, weekday of course, when I don’t have to go to work. I can sit in the couch with feet tucked under a blanket & read PG Wodehouse.
  • Sevpuri in the evening followed by Masala-cola.
  • The FM playing Non-stop five back to back…uthe sab ke kadam, na jaane kyun, kabhi kabhi Aditi, Mera kuchch samaan hai, Aye Salaa…rare combi!
  • Mutton-kheema made by Raj, hogging with rotis on a Sunday afternoon.
  • A drive to Pondy from Chennai, coupled with mindless banter about University & men (& women!) with Arnab.
  • Shopping of-course, whether it’s in New Market, Forum Mall (Kormangala), Dadar, Commercial St. or Gariahat…I absolutely love it all!
  • Ma’s shutki mach (Bombil, for non-Bongs!) …even though it’s so spicy, that tears are streaming down my cheeks, I love it absolutely…can have it any day any time!
  • Any adventures sports…rafting, para-sailing, trekking…I am always ready for one.
  • Saturday mornings...a beautiful morning, no waking up early, no deadlines, and no rush to catch the cab…the best part of the week!
  • Rice-potatoes boiled together, butter with Ruchi’s mango-ginger pickle…the ultimate on a Monday night, after a tired day of work. BTW, my Mondays are always tiring irrespective of the week.
  • Adrak-chai at Shreedevi condiments, followed by endless small talk on movies, politics, people-at-work, travel…without having to look at the watch.
  • Making Chicken on a Friday evening, while sipping white-wine & songs of Masoom (SK’s of course!) in the background.
  • The best non-veg salad by Suppy…while watching GolMaal or any comic flick at his pad!
  • Endless hours of browsing books in Landmark & Crossword.

Well, I was just wondering, most of my love-to-do list doesn’t actually have a big money question in it. I have wondered from time to time if happiness can be equated with money… I guess not, though we have to pay the price for many things in life, there are plenty that comes free…like the first rays of sunshine that’s going to stream through my window tomorrow morning!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A weekend of theatre & a memorable drive towards Kamshet.

On Saturday evening, a friend of mine from college days, Avra and I went to Prithvi theatre to watch 30 days in September. A beautiful & sensitive piece on child-abuse within family penned by Mahesh Dattani and directed by Lilette Dubey. It was wonderful to see it being performed to a full house but he highlight of the evening was to see Ira Dubey perform; She’s spontaneous, & a natural! She reminded me of another beautiful performer, Kitu Gidwani…But Ira, you are definitely a treat to watch…wish you all the very best!

A dear friend, who’s taking all the pain in the world to make my staying Bombay as comfortable as possible (trust me it’s quite a job, give that commute in this city is quite painful) took me to this place called Rainmaker’s Shack, It’s located near Lonavala, to be more specific on the way to Amby Valley. You can dine at this place only at owner’s invitation & the place is amazing! It boasts of a bohemian look, & some amazing food… with a hefty price to pay of course. The interiors were perfectly done in sync with the rugged exteriors!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is my story....a cabbie's tale

I am a cabbie or popularly known as taxi-driver in the streets of Bombay, yes I live here, earn my bread & butter, and feed my family, braving the tough life here, the rains & the unthinkable adversities of life! You can call me any name, Ram, Kishan, Rahim, Abdul… anything! A name won’t change my face or struggle…the imprint of struggle is all over Bombay, irrespective of caste, creed, religion even for that matter the strata of the society…only the nature of the struggle differs!
This is my story…I live in the chawls of Bandra, yes Bombay has chawls all over, I share a room with eight others for a Rs. 450/- a month, I wouldn’t go very deep into the living conditions..I hear its portrayed time again in the cinema & books in the recent times. I have taken the taxi on rent, have to pay Rs. 260/- per day to the owner with an additional 150 that I pay for the fuel...oh yes, I forgot…I got to clean it for a 15 per day…With this 425 in mind I start my day… They say, Bombay is a city of dreams…I dream of earning those extra bucks every day, which I am going to send home to buy a few better quality seeds for the small land I own in one of the lesser known villages in Uttar Pradesh, pay for the education for those two children at home, & tend to household expenses. To fuel my dreams, I need to fuel my stomach too…not less than 100 bucks per day, Though there have been umpteen days when I have skipped meals! When I am lucky, I make about 800-900 in a day…& there are bad days too… all in all, I make about 9000 in a month…I work about five-six months in a year, then I go back to my village, for the rest of the year looking after the land & some small time work that I find for myself! But things are changing…There is unrest in Bombay for UP’wallahs’ & Bihari’wallahs” like us, the sleeker comfortable cars are coming as taxi…commuters prefer those…but we’ll fight, we’ll survive.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Crab-Catchers' plight

One thing that continues to amaze me time & again are the various ways people in our country make a living, braving dangerous conditions, ferocity of nature & other circumstances un-imaginable to most city-breds like me who work in Air-conditioned environment! Be it the honey collector’s of Sunderbans, the fishermen in the ocean & so many more, they put their lives at risk, just to make a living. I came across these Nulia boys barely into their teens, who make a living by catching live red crabs, meant to be in aquariums for the affluent, in the beaches of Orissa. The crabs bite them, but they are undaunted! I am no cinematographer, but this quick video will tell you their everyday struggle!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A commuter's tale

Well, before any die-hard Calcuttans & Bangaloreans accuse me, this is certainly not a Calcutta/Bangalore-bashing trip that I have emerged on, just penning down a few observations that I have made on the course of my journey. I have spent quite a bit of my time in the above mentioned cities & presently working in Bombay. More than two-thirds of my commute in all the cities were off-course though the rick, or as the complete version goes, Auto-rickshaws, so you can call me a SME on the issue. Let me start with Bangalore, a very nice city, in fact my favorite city in spite of its chock-a-bloc traffic & the rick guys that I am going to talk about. Describing them in one word would be “arrogant” …yeah, that’d be the word. Imagine a day…clear blue sky, sunny & warm… a few of ricks parked on the road-side & rickies chatting away, may be one of them reading a newspaper, you request them for a commute… they DECLINE, simply an arrogant no! In some cases even if they say yes, they’d ask for an outrageous amount that you’d not know how to respond! Arnab, my friend always suspected that they have some other source of earning bread & butter! Their Calcutta counterpart is another extreme… well, most of the time they don’t have a choice of saying no, since all the ricks ply on a set route & the fare is decided for the same (though there arises occasions when they make an extra buck or two given the commuter’s compulsion!!) But a ride on a rick in Calcutta could be unimaginably painful….They take five, Six or sometimes even seven people as opposed to the standard three in most of the cities, they cuss at each other, compete on racing with other ricks, continuously honk, do not follow any lane discipline (as a result of which the commuters are tossing & turning inside). I wonder if any documentation is done, but the rick accidents are very much commonplace in Calcutta! In all of these I have only the authorities & the Government to blame!!! The Government doesn’t give a fig about its people’s well being….it’s as simple as that!!! On the contrary the Bombay rickies are the sweetest lot, they never refuse the passenger, despite however short the commute is & how late it is at night, they always have change, they make sure that you reach the right destination, they themselves are very well-versed with the routes, they seldom honk & behave on the road…what more do you need from these guys who cater to such a huge number of commuters everyday! Saying all these, I must mention that there are exceptions all through, but my perception holds true for the majority of these rickies in the respective cities.

P.S. – Using the old name of these cities is intentional.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fly away....!

Ever since I remember, I have always wanted to fly! If anyone asked me what I want to be born as in my next birth, given a choice I’d always say a bird. Perhaps there’s this feeling of being liberated associated with flying… that could possibly be the reason! In my growing up years, flying planes was hardly a feasible option & being an air-hostess is not the same as flying…. Actually I wanted to feel the wind on my face, my arms spread…. Well, I came pretty much close to the feeling, when I had been for parasailing in Hoskote, a few KMs away from Bangalore, a couple of weeks before I left… another very enthusiastic friend of mine who shared a similar passion agreed on giving me company… a quick video enclosed here, that he happened to take while I took off…. had fun… so much fun in those few minutes that I was there high up in the sky!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Victims of fame!

There’s a lot of hullabaloo happening around Slumdog millionaire… no I am not going to go on how the movie is or how true it is etc. my concern is the kids… those small lads & lass are in the middle of a lot of attention to the extent that they are roped in to campaign for the upcoming national elections! I am sure they are paid a lofty amount for it, & there parents or whoever making the decisions for them don’t want to let the opportunity pass! It’s all well & good now, but when the big honchos won’t need them… what then?! If they don’t utilize this money to get a good education for themselves, they will again go back to the doom from where Boyle had picked them up! Life’s cruel…who’ll tell them?!!!!
The other piece that also needs to be given a thought to is, why these political parties don’t pay attention to one of the most brutal acts of mankind happening in our country… maiming of children, making them permanently wounded, & an organized crime happening around it! Why doesn’t the Government crack down on these criminals & punish them so hard that any of these criminals dare not think about such things ever again!! I, a common man, think that would give any political party more mileage than they can ever think of … maybe power & money have screwed up these good-for-nothing power mongers’ heads so much, they can’t even think straight!!!

An inani"mate"

I had this wonderful conversation with a very dear friend of mine about the feelings he went through while buying a car, which he felt having an ironic parallel to choosing a bride. Before that I must share a little about my friend, he grew up in a fairly middleclass family & unlike many his age never had a fascination for cars! One day stuck in the torrential Mumbai rain, when his rick got stuck on the flyover, he decided that’s it…a car it has to be. Without a clue about driving & after going through the whole process of enrolling in the D-school, passing the exam (which convinced him, about the kind of drivers in the road!!) & booking a car, finally it was the day when the car would be delivered! i-10 has just been launched, & he was in a hurry since his Mum was visiting him then, & he wanted the delivery before she leaves for Calcutta, He never saw the car (only had the knowledge that she would be red…whoa!) finally on the D-day, he’s off to the warehouse with the delivery guy, & he’s waiting… & the moment comes when the new lady in his life is driven in…in his words, the same feeling when you go to see a girl for the first time, & she walks in with a tray in her hand…& the feeling flushes inside, that in good times or bad you are the one who’s going to be by my side, a sense of possessiveness & control taking over….he spends on her, …an inanimate object getting more than animated treatment…no wonder there arises occasions when men love their car more than they love their wife!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

lost in the past...

Brought myself to writing again, another humble attempt! `
A lot has changed since May 2008, I have relocated to Calcutta, changed organization… & so many more things. Most importantly, I don’t live alone anymore! Well, if you detect a twinge of regret in my words… you are actually right! I had this very cute place in Koramangala (in Bangalore) with a kitchenette & a drawing room, where I lazed out my weekend afternoons, made a quick meal for myself, went up in the terrace with a mug of coffee & a book of poems when I am lonely …. I miss all that! Well, it’s great to be back at Parent’s, there happiness to see me back at home makes me feel good, & I don’t have to sweat out on the responsibility of cleaning, cooking & washing any longer… but I have a feeling of something lost…I don’t know why!!! A friend of mine, who happens to be no more, had told me long back, infact we were in high school then, I always considered him to be too prosaic for his age, but somehow the words ring true now… He had said that the biggest lost is not in death or destruction but in the loss of self… what he meant was, that when a kid grows up, he leaves his childhood behind & a lot many emotions that he’ll never feel again… that’s a loss. The beautiful days & nights that I have left back in Bangalore… I’ll never get them back… even if I go to stay there in some point of time in my life in future… they have left me forever, rather I have left them behind forever!