Saturday, March 21, 2009

Crab-Catchers' plight

One thing that continues to amaze me time & again are the various ways people in our country make a living, braving dangerous conditions, ferocity of nature & other circumstances un-imaginable to most city-breds like me who work in Air-conditioned environment! Be it the honey collector’s of Sunderbans, the fishermen in the ocean & so many more, they put their lives at risk, just to make a living. I came across these Nulia boys barely into their teens, who make a living by catching live red crabs, meant to be in aquariums for the affluent, in the beaches of Orissa. The crabs bite them, but they are undaunted! I am no cinematographer, but this quick video will tell you their everyday struggle!


  1. Unbelievable footage !!

  2. Its fun to have a catch of your own food..............survival instinct.