Thursday, March 12, 2009

An inani"mate"

I had this wonderful conversation with a very dear friend of mine about the feelings he went through while buying a car, which he felt having an ironic parallel to choosing a bride. Before that I must share a little about my friend, he grew up in a fairly middleclass family & unlike many his age never had a fascination for cars! One day stuck in the torrential Mumbai rain, when his rick got stuck on the flyover, he decided that’s it…a car it has to be. Without a clue about driving & after going through the whole process of enrolling in the D-school, passing the exam (which convinced him, about the kind of drivers in the road!!) & booking a car, finally it was the day when the car would be delivered! i-10 has just been launched, & he was in a hurry since his Mum was visiting him then, & he wanted the delivery before she leaves for Calcutta, He never saw the car (only had the knowledge that she would be red…whoa!) finally on the D-day, he’s off to the warehouse with the delivery guy, & he’s waiting… & the moment comes when the new lady in his life is driven in…in his words, the same feeling when you go to see a girl for the first time, & she walks in with a tray in her hand…& the feeling flushes inside, that in good times or bad you are the one who’s going to be by my side, a sense of possessiveness & control taking over….he spends on her, …an inanimate object getting more than animated treatment…no wonder there arises occasions when men love their car more than they love their wife!

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  1. My new blue car is by bestest dependable friend..
    Must add 'occasionally' :-)


    - Bhaskor