Tuesday, March 10, 2009

lost in the past...

Brought myself to writing again, another humble attempt! `
A lot has changed since May 2008, I have relocated to Calcutta, changed organization… & so many more things. Most importantly, I don’t live alone anymore! Well, if you detect a twinge of regret in my words… you are actually right! I had this very cute place in Koramangala (in Bangalore) with a kitchenette & a drawing room, where I lazed out my weekend afternoons, made a quick meal for myself, went up in the terrace with a mug of coffee & a book of poems when I am lonely …. I miss all that! Well, it’s great to be back at Parent’s, there happiness to see me back at home makes me feel good, & I don’t have to sweat out on the responsibility of cleaning, cooking & washing any longer… but I have a feeling of something lost…I don’t know why!!! A friend of mine, who happens to be no more, had told me long back, infact we were in high school then, I always considered him to be too prosaic for his age, but somehow the words ring true now… He had said that the biggest lost is not in death or destruction but in the loss of self… what he meant was, that when a kid grows up, he leaves his childhood behind & a lot many emotions that he’ll never feel again… that’s a loss. The beautiful days & nights that I have left back in Bangalore… I’ll never get them back… even if I go to stay there in some point of time in my life in future… they have left me forever, rather I have left them behind forever!


  1. awesome!!!...
    Well but its not a loss in all .. It may be gained after some time.. defntly!!!

  2. Pooja,

    Well thought out. Well written.

    Just an addition to your point. I think we generally loose out on the best parts of life by running after things which we dont have. So at every point of time we are running instead of stopping over and enjoying the beauty on the road. Kudos to you that you did.

    Now you should not look back but keep enjoying the way you did. And hopefully life will bestow gifts the way it does always. And most importantly you will keep on identifying the gifts as u have doen so far.

    ~ Avra

  3. Pratima

    Well done!! I appreciate you. just want to add few points. We everybody have such feelings in mind. But very few of us can share such feelings with others. We can’t live without recalling the past. Lealest I can’t .But at the same time we have accept the present. Both present and past are very much important in our life. Something good in past gives a new inspiration in our life and gives us new hope and new expectation.

    Thanks once again