Thursday, March 12, 2009

Victims of fame!

There’s a lot of hullabaloo happening around Slumdog millionaire… no I am not going to go on how the movie is or how true it is etc. my concern is the kids… those small lads & lass are in the middle of a lot of attention to the extent that they are roped in to campaign for the upcoming national elections! I am sure they are paid a lofty amount for it, & there parents or whoever making the decisions for them don’t want to let the opportunity pass! It’s all well & good now, but when the big honchos won’t need them… what then?! If they don’t utilize this money to get a good education for themselves, they will again go back to the doom from where Boyle had picked them up! Life’s cruel…who’ll tell them?!!!!
The other piece that also needs to be given a thought to is, why these political parties don’t pay attention to one of the most brutal acts of mankind happening in our country… maiming of children, making them permanently wounded, & an organized crime happening around it! Why doesn’t the Government crack down on these criminals & punish them so hard that any of these criminals dare not think about such things ever again!! I, a common man, think that would give any political party more mileage than they can ever think of … maybe power & money have screwed up these good-for-nothing power mongers’ heads so much, they can’t even think straight!!!


  1. :) great work here mam!!! way to go... Indian's risen atlast!!!

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  3. Big deal! so u like few others woke up to the miserable reality of the street children of Mumbai. Dah! the maiming business has been going on for ages now. A Brit movie laced with Indian miseries wins oscars, we rejoice and then we realize that our street children are suffering in an inhumane environment.
    If you need some more reality check, please read the survey on child abuse in India conducted by Prayas. Why don't we pay attention when these activists are raising their voice against these type of atrocities ?
    My intention is not to decry your concern, but as citizens of India we need to be more aware of our home grown problems,


  4. hey!! This is excellent. Agree everything is going to be ground zero post the polls.Hope these children get to feel a better quality of life going ahead!