Sunday, March 29, 2009

A weekend of theatre & a memorable drive towards Kamshet.

On Saturday evening, a friend of mine from college days, Avra and I went to Prithvi theatre to watch 30 days in September. A beautiful & sensitive piece on child-abuse within family penned by Mahesh Dattani and directed by Lilette Dubey. It was wonderful to see it being performed to a full house but he highlight of the evening was to see Ira Dubey perform; She’s spontaneous, & a natural! She reminded me of another beautiful performer, Kitu Gidwani…But Ira, you are definitely a treat to watch…wish you all the very best!

A dear friend, who’s taking all the pain in the world to make my staying Bombay as comfortable as possible (trust me it’s quite a job, give that commute in this city is quite painful) took me to this place called Rainmaker’s Shack, It’s located near Lonavala, to be more specific on the way to Amby Valley. You can dine at this place only at owner’s invitation & the place is amazing! It boasts of a bohemian look, & some amazing food… with a hefty price to pay of course. The interiors were perfectly done in sync with the rugged exteriors!


  1. good food in lonavala...would definitely like to know more about it. so far the culinary high-point of the place were the 2 gujju thali joints. in good ol' times the joke used to be - you never have food in lonavala - 'coz on weekdays the restaurants are so empty that you wouldn't like to go into them and on weekends they are so crowded that you could never get in. things have changed since then..but gourmet food (even if it is a FRP ie financially ruinous proposition) is ceratinly news :-)tell us more..

  2. and have you seen Lilette's 2 earlier productions - Sammy and Kanyadan (written by Vijay Tendulkar) ? don't miss if you get a chance.

  3. The place is in the fork-like junction, on the way to Amby Valley, it's popularly known as Mac's Joint.
    I did see Lilette's production of Kanyadaan last summer...haven't had a chance to watch Sammy, will keep an eye on it.