Friday, April 3, 2009

And these are a few of my favorite things…

It’s Friday afternoon, post 4’o clock…I can smell (rather feel) the weekend. I’d let myself loose on a senseless banter now, so if you choose not to read further, I’ll perfectly understand.

A couple of small things that I love in life (or cherish the memory, when I did it!), not in any order though:
  • A rainy afternoon, weekday of course, when I don’t have to go to work. I can sit in the couch with feet tucked under a blanket & read PG Wodehouse.
  • Sevpuri in the evening followed by Masala-cola.
  • The FM playing Non-stop five back to back…uthe sab ke kadam, na jaane kyun, kabhi kabhi Aditi, Mera kuchch samaan hai, Aye Salaa…rare combi!
  • Mutton-kheema made by Raj, hogging with rotis on a Sunday afternoon.
  • A drive to Pondy from Chennai, coupled with mindless banter about University & men (& women!) with Arnab.
  • Shopping of-course, whether it’s in New Market, Forum Mall (Kormangala), Dadar, Commercial St. or Gariahat…I absolutely love it all!
  • Ma’s shutki mach (Bombil, for non-Bongs!) …even though it’s so spicy, that tears are streaming down my cheeks, I love it absolutely…can have it any day any time!
  • Any adventures sports…rafting, para-sailing, trekking…I am always ready for one.
  • Saturday mornings...a beautiful morning, no waking up early, no deadlines, and no rush to catch the cab…the best part of the week!
  • Rice-potatoes boiled together, butter with Ruchi’s mango-ginger pickle…the ultimate on a Monday night, after a tired day of work. BTW, my Mondays are always tiring irrespective of the week.
  • Adrak-chai at Shreedevi condiments, followed by endless small talk on movies, politics, people-at-work, travel…without having to look at the watch.
  • Making Chicken on a Friday evening, while sipping white-wine & songs of Masoom (SK’s of course!) in the background.
  • The best non-veg salad by Suppy…while watching GolMaal or any comic flick at his pad!
  • Endless hours of browsing books in Landmark & Crossword.

Well, I was just wondering, most of my love-to-do list doesn’t actually have a big money question in it. I have wondered from time to time if happiness can be equated with money… I guess not, though we have to pay the price for many things in life, there are plenty that comes free…like the first rays of sunshine that’s going to stream through my window tomorrow morning!

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  1. Hey .... you reminded me of the days which probably I will never get back. The shutki maach I do get even across the seven seas,(ironically spoke about it in one of my recent posts). PG Wodehouse any day as well. Thanks for the nostalgic trip. And true - they do not call for a lot of money.