Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do we deserve a responsible leader?

I was just reading a piece on JFK the other day by Richard Reeves, former Chief Political correspondent with New York Times, & an expert on Kennedy. It was regarding that he had Addison’s disease due to which he had a degenerative back problem causing severe back ache. But, this was kept away from the Press & the public, since the Americans would never want a man with a chronic back ache to run their country!

I think, there’s logic to the thought, if the State head is not physically & mentally fit, how can I expect him/her to look after the best interests of the Nation?!! Let’s draw a similar parallel to India – Prime Minister Vajpayee, had a severe problem with his knee, even he had to go for a knee replacement surgery. The politicians use these to draw sympathy & eventually garner votes! We the common men & women actually give into it! Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, had to go through a by-pass surgery very recently, still he is chipped in as the next Prime Ministerial candidate…Unbelievable!! Today, an eighty-one year old man aspires to be the Prime Minister of this country. Forget that he is the man instrumental behind Babari Masjid demolition, for which history will always remember him (& a key man to create communal tension in the last one & a half decade!), I question his physical capability. Octogenarians in our country suffer from mostly cardiac diseases, renal problems and other systemic diseases. Does he expect us to believe that he is fully fit?!

I have cited just two examples; there are umpteen leaders all over India, for whom the same stories apply. Whenever a leader dies, his wife or children is pitched in as the next leader. Do we even question if they are mentally or emotionally well to take that kind of responsibility?! Even if they are, are they qualified for the job?!! It’s not their fault entirely, the onus is on us...we commoners do not exercise our brains, and we just eat out of their hands…until we are aware of our own responsibilities, we do not deserve responsible leaders!


  1. Contrary to what many people believe, our country is actually run by bureaucrats and not politicians.

    Having said that, there are exceptions. One that comes to mind readily is FDR. He suffered from a crippling disease like Polio but was instrumental in leading the United States through the post-depression and second world war era. A lot of people consider him the greatest ever US President after Lincoln and Washington. He was in a wheelchair.

    Everyone would love to see a young, dynamic PM in India but then along comes someone like Varun Gandhi who makes our past great leaders turn in their graves.

    The INC and Dr. Manmohan Singh have no choice until Rahul Gandhi comes up to speed. As for Advani, he will never ever become Prime Minister of India. Even if he does he will never last. I would rather take Mayawati over Advani. Talk about our choices.

  2. Hi Prartima !!

    Same thoughts keep coming to mhy mind.. We are a nation of billion people and when it comes to prime minister we choose someone who is in 70s.. Can't we have a younger prime minister. Is it so that no one who is in his 30s or 40s is interested in politics..Is this game so bad..The youngest nation is ruled by oldest and most corrupt politicians .This is the sad story of our nation...

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  3. How old is too old? When experience become a drag....
    How young is too young? When impetuousness runs amuck....

  4. The first Question that comes to my mind is " Do you vote" or rather have you ever cast your ballot rights ? Dont get me wrong me here , I will be honest with you .. Have cast my vote only once !!!! ... We the so called elite class feel overjoyed criticising an Advani, a Manmohan or for that matter even Lalus of the world .. What we dont realise is we lazy so called aristrocatic social animals of the society simply do not go out and vote . The question is not about Advani or Manmohan and their age , the question is about ability ... A Rahul leading the country is not advisable ... not coz of his age but for his dynastic confabulations .... His party has destroyed the democratic fabric of the country whether we like it or not , Advani may be the centre point of communal riots our country has seen , but do not forget that the Nehru-Gandhi family have for the ages masterminded riots to suit their needs. History is a witness to that. How can one forget the Bhagalpur riots where thousands of people were slaughtered?? No amount of judicial trial can bring solace to the 84 sikh riots and here we have one called Mr Tytler walking free. India has two fundamental problems -- one psedu secularism and caste based political system. What we need today is a leadership which will uphold the secular and democratic fabric of the country . Appeasement is not secularism .. it is an outright vote bank politics .... What happened in one chilling day in Dec 18-19 years ago is not worth discussing or debating now. It has no historical importance, and why do we forget that it was one of the young so called dynamic late prime minister from the Nehru Gandhi dynasty revived the issue all of a sudden and the reason to appease !!! and this time appeasing the majority ... One of the comments in ur blog says he will rather accept Mayawati than Advani to be the Prime Minister of India , that to me is an absolute recipe for a disaster , Mayawati should become a PM only if she is capable not because she is a "dalit ka beti" !!!!