Sunday, April 19, 2009

Joy of travelling light!

I learnt it the hard way! I have never known how to travel light. Every time when I used to pack my bags I would overload myself with stuff I thought I can’t do without, and most of the time I would never get a chance to wear those extra pair of jeans! But I would never learn! A nagging backache after a bad fall in 2005 also did not help, and the thing is it did not deter me to be extra cautious while I am packing. The incident that helped me mend my ways happened in December 2007 when I was on my way back from Holland. As typical of me I was on the brink of the usual limit when I was doing my onward journey, top it with shopping (retail therapy is the best therapy!) and I was over the limit on my way back...guess what the price I paid...€155... my six days of per diem!!!! And I never used half of the stuff I carried...what is the possible use of a chiffon blouse in December in Europe...a pity that I never thought of it before!

But now...I am a wise traveller. Most of the time, I manage through cabin luggage, it helps me to save the time waiting for the check-in baggage! Even if I don’t confine myself to cabin baggage only, I feel lighter and a lot less worried on how to manage bags with a bad back! By the way cutting down on shopping is never an case someone was wondering!


  1. Ha ... with the airline companies slapping charges for check in bags,travellers are forced to think lean.And over the years I have learnt - most of the times, we are used to thinking that we need that one item.If we want we can actually do without.

  2. Get everything with wheels so that you never have to strain your back carrying heavy luggage. I know first hand how debilitating back problems can be sometimes.