Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The lonely tree

I had been to Kasauli a couple of years back, an amazing trip for reasons more than one. It was one trip, which I had planned on paper. It all happened apart from the dreadful cold & fever for which I had to cancel my trek to Triund and instead settle with Kasauli, I was glad that I did. For those who are not aware Kasauli is located a few KMs down Simla in Himachal Pradesh. I happened to stay in one of those old bunglows, on the hill. I remember Kasauli for the monkey that chased me (may be I’d narrate the story some other day!), the absolutely heady peach & apricot wine, the long winding roads, the mouth-watering chicken-ham-mushroom omelette that I ever had but most of all I would remember it for that tree. It came on my way to the bungalow, the road was very steep & I always gasped for breath every fifty meters I climbed…even then it was good because I would get a chance to look far away and catch a glimpse of the snow-capped peaks far away! The branches were bare & deep brown like a withering old woman full of old hill-town tales. It appeared to me lonely and waiting for someone. I came across it for the first time when the sun was setting…it made the tree appear even more solitary…and beautiful.


  1. Great picture. With your writing you have personalized Kasauli for us to make it even more alluring.
    But more than anything else, kudos for this literary gem:
    "The branches were .... like a withering old woman full of old hill-town tales"

  2. What camera was that photograph taken with?

  3. a samsung 6 MP..not sure of which model

  4. Not bad. I think the original full-sized photo would make a very nice desktop background. :-)