Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Friday nights are always Starry!

It is indeed interesting to note how our favorite stars can come together & hug each other as calmly and with thorough professionalism as they did each other’s collars a few months back! The media is going all brouhaha and all past skirmishes are forgotten over “fair rights over Friday nights” … well, it’s all about Friday nights at the end of the day! I don’t have any issues over the fair rights piece, after all in India it’s all about rights & equalities (aren’t we all equal & aware of our rights?!!) But Friday nights…whoa... that’s a different ball game! About eleven months back, AK put a post on his blog, where he mentions about his pet dog, who’s incidentally called Shahrukh…& it went on & on. Media went crazy running each story after another and off-course there were takers for it, but why make a fool of us is my question, when you are all buddies bound by need, if not anything else. Why make us feel that you guys are die-hard enemies when you share your weekend drinks together?!! Fans fight over their favorite star; there are debates, who’s great, greater & the greatest…etc etc… when you guys are all laughing away to glory!!! Off-course these stories are fed to the media by your media relations consultant, that’s why it reaches us…! But why…only publicity stunts?!! Any clue, anyone?


  1. Because the world is a stage and we all are actors.
    So remember your lines and deliver them well.
    Every day of the week.
    -SRK AK and me.

  2. Yes. Here's a clue. One word, starts with M, ends with a Y, and has O-N-E in between.

    The thing is that they are all well versed in the art of playing the public like a fool.

    In hindsight it's a win-win situation for everyone; the public get's it's daily dose of drama, the new channels get their TRPs, and the "Stars" get their much desired ego boost by watching themselves on TV hour after hour, on channel after channel.