Friday, May 29, 2009

Back to home!

I have returned home after a month long travelling and it feels wonderful. I am letting myself be pampered thoroughly at home. Today is a thoughtful day for me, well, typically such days come to me once in a quarter or more, when I really get into a self-introspection and thinking mood...and today it is in perfect sync with the weather outside, it’s cloudy and gloomy! It seems the city has gone onto depression after the cyclone and the storm and it is mourning the loss!

When I am happy about something I want the feeling to last forever, and I want the guarantee for happiness! It is extremely weird considering the good things in life never come with a warranty certificate...but it just exposes how vulnerable I am to my feelings. Most of the time when we enter into a feeling, there’s a good amount of control that we can exercise, but I have often wondered if that holds true if we want to exit! I am not talking about getting rid of a feeling, but how does one shed off something one really likes? Is there a way not to let the lingering feeling get better of you....there has to be!

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