Saturday, May 2, 2009

A few thoughts

I have been away for a while…blame it on my struggle for bread & butter or my inefficiency, either way its okay. Today is a Saturday, and I am actually working full day! In fact it’s a long weekend, with elections held on Thursday and May Day being a Friday… but I am working….Sometimes I wonder, is this really me…?! Meanwhile life has not been a standstill exactly. A few quick thoughts:
  1. I have given up following IPL after the continuous dismal (that’s a kind word!) performance of Kolkata Knight Riders…I am right now blaming it on the color of their dress…oh I love black, and it’s quite a dominant shade in my wardrobe and I am not the astrological type either… but I don’t know what else to blame…Imagine being in Bombay, and being subjected to the taunts of fellow colleagues, friends….how you Knight Riders let us down?!!!
  2. I watched ‘The reader’ and I am bowled over completely by Kate Winslet’s performance…some maturity! …I just know why they call her the next Meryl Streep. What a pity that I haven’t been able to catch up on ‘Revolutionary Road’ yet, but I am sure I will. Anyone willing to lend me a copy?
  3. After a quick trip to Calcutta, I find the Bombay summer extremely pleasant! I don’t even mind commuting through the horrible traffic…in fact I am falling in love with Bombay, not only for the weather but also for those innumerable small things like a walk in the Carter road promenade at midnight!
  4. I am reading “The Crow-eaters” by Bapsi Sidhwa…Amazing is the word! Many may have watched 1947 Earth based on her novel Ice-candy Man.... a must have on your book-shelf!
  5. Thanks to the quality of the Bengali dabba and the unplanned way we ask for it, my roomies and I have become Domino’s loyal customer; in fact we have tasted all the varieties of Pizza that they offer! Trust me…it’s not fun! But I am going to have a very authentic bong dinner tonight.

I am famished now…got to go for the dinner!


  1. Good to see you back after so many days. Looks like you are working too hard. Slow down.. Take a breath..

    I was actually planning on ribbing you on the dismal performance of your Knight Riders but looks like you have got your share and so I will let it be (for now at least). Here is what I think- None of the teams with actively involved celebrities will be able to do well. I am pretty sure most of the youngsters would be absolutely infatuated by the celebs and spending less time concentrating on the cricket. Especially when some team owners like Mr. Khan start believing that they know more about the game than the cricketers themselves. The other problem is that we Indians have a tendency of sucking up to "foreigners" and are ever so eager to bow down and please them. Case in point being Mr. Khan and the KKR coaching staff. I am a big fan of Kolkata and Ganguly and it is sad to see Mr. Khan and Buchanan treat the team like the way they are. Adding insult to injury was Mr. Khan's intentions of dropping Kolkata from the name of the team. He is now stuck with this team no matter how much he wants to part ways and get out of a losing partnership without hurting his ego. Unfortunately he was outbid for his first and second choice teams (Mumbai and Delhi) last year. He better get his act together or the Knight Riders will soon be riding into the night.

    Are you not enjoying Domino's? I can have Domino's Pizza for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. My favs are Pepperoni and Keem do Pyaaza on thin crust. Back in B'lore Gecis office we practically ruined the local Domino's daily margins on several occassions. They almost never delivered within the promised 30 minutes and we had FREE PIZZA. There's nothing better than free pizza.. trust me.

  2. One of the best things to watch in test cricket is an intense duel between a crafty spinner and a really good bat, with intelligent field placements. Twenty20 will never see anything like that. But there is lots of lusty hitting.
    Bowling is not about getting wickets; it is defense rather than offense. Who cares who wins?
    But ignore me, I am just a crusty curmudgeon who hasn't kept up with the times....