Monday, May 4, 2009

I am not going to vote!

The elections are in full swing and the media is going crazy. The debate is on endlessly...what the alliances are and who’s trying to woo whom etc. And there’s the accusation of low turn-out especially with all our stars lined up to show how they have become aware of their duties and responsibilities...oh’s nice to be followed by the camera and all your pics splashed on the next day’s newspaper with your designer goggles and statement attire! They say that the heat is responsible for the low stupid, don’t we brave this heat and go to work every-day?! Don’t our people brave this heat, and do farming, go to factories and sell wares on the street. For these people there is nothing called weekends and holidays...its work or no food for the day! Even for the urban middle-class there are people who go to work, in weekends and holidays....!!! Hence heat is NOT the reason...So what could possibly be the reason? Before that, tell me what should I vote for...who should I state my preferences for and who against? Aren’t they all the birds of same feather? 16th May is going to be a numbers game...they will form alliances without any ideological or constructive vision! Besides, show me a party manifesto where they have come up with a vision to make our lives better!! What difference does it make at all as to who sits in North Block...except that the one who does will become richer and fatter!!


  1. Is there a party you are more against than the other? For example, one that may pursue and encourage communalism.
    Sometimes one has to choose "the lesser of two evils".
    The history of elections around the world suggest that turnouts are high when there is more discontent. Except in Australia, where it is basically illegal not to vote--so the turnout is not dependent on the state of mind of the voters.
    But the point is well-taken: people are not finding good reasons to go out and vote FOR somebody. To go out and vote AGAINST somebody is a tougher sell, unless there is something quite outrageous they are reacting to.
    Especially true for young people.

  2. Short and sweet reflection of what is on the mind of any responsible citizen right now ....!!

  3. I found it very amusing to see the dismal voter turnout in our metros especially Mumbai. I thought Mumbaikars were better than this but then I guess they are as apathetic as the rest of urban India. The summer heat is the least of the reasons why people do not vote. It is just plain apathy mixed with the gross mismanagement of the entire electoral process.

    As far as the celebrities are concerned most of them were pimping the elections because it was the "cool" thing to do. Even the American Presidential elections netted only 56% of the electorate so we should not be too ashamed for that tells us that we are at least better than them. It is quite funny that the rural illiterate part of our electorate votes in far greater numbers than the urban educated, no matter what the incentive.

    So as long as we continue to be apathetic we deserve the leaders we get in the process.

    P.S.- For the record I did go out and vote and that too only because everyone in my family always does and then I have to listen to them all day long if I don't. The booth being walking distance from our home also helped.

    Very excited for May 16.