Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is it a verdict for Mamta…or verdict against Left?

It is as loud and clear as it can get in West Bengal…the people are tired of the ‘left’ way of doing things. I am not sure why it comes as a surprise, because in the recent past there were reasons crisp and definite to boot them out of power and having any say in the Central Government.

The way they treated veteran parliamentarian Somnath Chatterjee was despicable! They completely forgot that the Speaker’s position in Parliament is a constitutional role and they can’t ask a Speaker to resign on grounds of politics. What came as a surprise to me is that they claim that no one person in the party takes a decision for them. The issues are discussed and debated threadbare before reaching to a final conclusion. If that is so, then expelling Somnath Chatterjee, was a folly of the entire crowd…is that what they are trying to say? There stand on nuclear deal led on to a no-confidence motion in parliament, and almost led to premature national election when the uncertainty brought by global economic crisis was enough of a fear dwelling in our minds! I as a responsible resident of Calcutta strongly question their existence….apart from land reforms in West Bengal, what have they done for Nation’s interest?

Anyways, it’s up to them now to take stock, and how they plan to play a role in India’s future! But, the other angle to the results is, did people vote for Mamta or did they vote against left? Possibly the later….It is for the matured people to see, that Mamta is equally irresponsible. To her credit, she has destroying TATA Nano Project, resisting CNG public transport in Calcutta and so many more. She did a very shabby job with Indian Railways when she was heading the portfolio. In fact, having an opposition like her was always to the Left’s advantage….as long as she is there, they don’t have to worry! The assembly elections are on it way in 2011, and she’s already eyeing the CM’s job….Well, times will tell….But Bengal deserves better than a crazy vision-less woman, and a egotist, red elephant… anyone listening?

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