Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday rumination

I have hurt my leg badly….Don’t ask me how…it was a small cut, that reacted badly with sweat (Guys, I stay in Calcutta!!!) and turned itself into a huge bruise with colors like red, pink, yellow, magenta & a tinge of blue that’s making me impossible to walk without a limp. A limp’s also ok, but it feels like a dozen pins pricking my skin whenever I change my posture. Yet, I am feeling very happy today…Well, today is a Friday and tomorrow is a Saturday. Aren’t they reasons enough?

My weekend looks very relaxing. I plan to wake up late…. as usual there are going to be a few chores to attend to, but I plan to catch up on a play, read and meet friends who I have been longing to meet for sometime….& it’d be a resolution not to touch the computer!

Nature’s fury….tragedy at Sundarbans!

Sundarbans have always been vulnerable to natural calamities…the forest, the ocean; the mangroves have been a foe as well as a friend. The people there get mauled by tiger, shredded to death & swallowed by crocodile, washed away by tide! The forest takes innumerable lives every year, and at the same time is a major source of livelihood, and so is the sea. If something like Aila hits, it brings along a plethora of epidemics, for which the administration is not prepared. National Television is downplaying the issue; probably it is not important enough! In the midst of all this, our dear politicians are politicizing the issue to gain mileage instead of using their power & position to make things better. We have to decide what way we can be of help to the folks out there, be it contributing money through aid organizations or giving clothes, food & medicines or voluntary service. Its sheer luck by chance that where we are today, and how we can help those people depends on us…our conscience!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I left home,
I left the familiarity of those faces,
I left those countless arguments,
I left the warmth of the bed.

The pain is so deep
yet, I smile
my naïveté tells me
I have just come a mile.

It’s far & far away
the distance is in the mind
and to cross those seven seas
it’d take more than seven nights.

But, who wants to cross?
loneliness is a loyal friend
it follows me like a shadow
without the feeling of a bind.