Thursday, June 11, 2009

I left home,
I left the familiarity of those faces,
I left those countless arguments,
I left the warmth of the bed.

The pain is so deep
yet, I smile
my naïveté tells me
I have just come a mile.

It’s far & far away
the distance is in the mind
and to cross those seven seas
it’d take more than seven nights.

But, who wants to cross?
loneliness is a loyal friend
it follows me like a shadow
without the feeling of a bind.


  1. today i am really happy after seeing ur poem...i knew that u have this
    potential...only u needed was rhythm....and it's with you now.....keep
    it up....and make us happy with ur talent....

    one point,..check the last para....instead of loneliness, u may use
    aloneness..since aloneless is a blessing, loneliness may not be
    that.....and look at the last line....check whether u can use a better
    word than bind...keeping up the message u wanna to convey.....


  2. mai or meri tanhai

  3. any way good first attempt (I presume), next time try to conjure up some better metaphors

  4. all all your other ones ...and am sure this would not be posted ...

  5. i share the feelings with you :)!!!! 4 th year of loneliness, yet i seem to like the pain....

  6. I feel the same way there......4 years and still in love with my home...lord i am one..lord i am 2..lord i am 3..lord i am 4..lord i am 500 miles away from home..........