Tuesday, July 28, 2009

bidding a silent good-bye
one fades away to the oblivion
a cold hand on the fore-head
and Forever into the darkness

Monday, July 27, 2009

Feline Fella

I sincerely believe after years of experience that a good roomie can actually make or break your life...I am sure many a folks would vouch for that. Roomies who forget to switch off the geyser after a bath, or go away keeping the refrigerator door open or who sleep off after keeping the lights on in the adjacent room for the entire night can be quite tiresome, how much sweet they are otherwise! But hey...this post is not about roomies, in fact it is about an incident when my roomie slept off after keeping the lights on!

It was about 3 in the morning, when I got up & noticed the living room lights are on. Sleepy-eyed as I was, cursing under breadth, I slowly made my way there to put it off. Now imagine....me walking with half my eyes closed, it’s pouring heavily outside, I am in the middle of the room (the switch is in the farthest corner) & phew... there’s actually a huge tabby cat sitting on the couch staring hard at me! Not a sign of fear or trepidation, it sat as it did with its greenish-yellow eyes. My first thought was to drive it away, since I am particularly not fond of cats, but animal-lover instinct took better of me, & I thought about the heavy downpour outside. I actually thought it may get scared if I switch off the lights, which I kept on, did an about-turn & straight to my bed!

Now what would a person expect, when she gets up next morning at 7, that the cat would be gone but hang on...it was right there, where I saw it! Same stare & same poise! Guess what... I wanted to put on the news in the TV, & the remote was lying just next to the feline fella! I decided against going for the remote, thinking my movement might actually scare it off (guess I was more intimidated by the tabby!) I decided to manually change channels. All this while we were actually measuring up each other through the corner of our eyes!

My Maid’s coming in made the cat decide, that it was getting too rough inside now (after all everyone doesn’t have so many kind bones as I do!) ...& it gave me a look (thank you?...no, not tabby-cats!) & made way towards the window! It’s more than a fortnight now, & I haven’t seen it...wonder where it is, may be another rainy night...& we’d meet again!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

An evening to remember

The evening that I was waiting so eagerly for finally happened today, despite repeated alerts of high-tide & a complete wash-out in the city! I had the privilege to watch Naseeruddin Shah perform in ‘Ismat apa ke naam-I’ in Prithvi...what a delectable performance! I especially liked Ratna Pathak Shah in her narration of ‘Mughal Bachcha’ ...she was a delight to watch with her facial expressions & intonation. I have been a fan of hers, & to watch her perform live was indeed a treat. Naseer-ji was wonderful, as ever. He transferred me to a world of poetry & a perfect diction of hindi influenced with Urdu, that sounds like honey. Last but not the least, the most touching story ‘Chuimui’ by Heeba was a beautiful portrayal of the trial & tribulations women go through even today. An evening worth remembering!

Friday, July 24, 2009

and all that happened....

It is beginning to sound clich├ęd, but actually I was not taking a break...I have been too busy! This project I have been doing (no path-breaking stuff, despite my frequent disappearing acts!!) is finally going to see the day-lights...& that does make me feel elated! This essentially makes me feel I can take a break...I never know! Work is constant...it never ends any way!

And all that happend,
I saw ‘Morning Walk’ ... & it’s an utter disaster! No wonder Masand din’t bother to even mention it in his reviews. The movie made me sick, an utter waste of time! There’s a heroine who seems to have come straight from a B-grade flick..I lament about the waste of time & money. What’s making me go crazy is what made sensible actors like Rajit Kapoor, Anupam Kher & Sharmila Tagore go for the movie?! What I suspect is they went for the story-line (which was good, & relevant) but the script was disastrous, so was the rest of the crew, the music & the cinematography....what a waste of resources!

I am following ‘sach ka samna’....initially it was for Rajeev K (me thinks he’s good!) ...but this act of ‘seeing dirty linen in public’ got the better of me. There’s something missing in the show...I feel, despite all the truth & dare stuff, there’s a certain bit of inhibition...both from the producer-host as well as the participants. Inspite of the tall claims, there’s this holding-back factor which is not giving me the kick....people are blaming it on the Indian mentality, but when you decide on format for the show, there's no going half-way is what I feel!

And the rest of my life remains same...well, I can’t stop wondering in anticipation for today evening (well, it’s 1’0 clock in the night anyway!) why? ....I’ll tell you soon, So long!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bombay monsoon...an experience

If there is a must-have experience list that one should go in through in India, spending a monsoon in Bombay would definitely figure in top ten! This is my first monsoon in this city & I am humbled....not only by the impact nature can have on human lives, but also by the perseverance and tenacity of the people living here. Hats off to those innumerable (really huge numbers!) souls living & commuting here, who remain undaunted, with a smile on their faces, not cribbing or complaining irrespective of caste, creed or the strata of society they belong to. They have accepted this struggle as an innate part of their existence. It can be summed up by this small anecdote.
A weekend or two back, it was really raining cats & dogs...I expressed concern to my maid, whether the lady who cleans my bathroom would be able to make it in this heavy downpour. My maid, nonchalantly remarked...”off-course she’d come, don’t you go to work if it rains?! ...this is her work; she’s getting paid for it”.

I have stayed in quite a few cities in India...certainly the people here are different...must be in the city’s genes.