Friday, July 24, 2009

and all that happened....

It is beginning to sound clichéd, but actually I was not taking a break...I have been too busy! This project I have been doing (no path-breaking stuff, despite my frequent disappearing acts!!) is finally going to see the day-lights...& that does make me feel elated! This essentially makes me feel I can take a break...I never know! Work is never ends any way!

And all that happend,
I saw ‘Morning Walk’ ... & it’s an utter disaster! No wonder Masand din’t bother to even mention it in his reviews. The movie made me sick, an utter waste of time! There’s a heroine who seems to have come straight from a B-grade flick..I lament about the waste of time & money. What’s making me go crazy is what made sensible actors like Rajit Kapoor, Anupam Kher & Sharmila Tagore go for the movie?! What I suspect is they went for the story-line (which was good, & relevant) but the script was disastrous, so was the rest of the crew, the music & the cinematography....what a waste of resources!

I am following ‘sach ka samna’....initially it was for Rajeev K (me thinks he’s good!) ...but this act of ‘seeing dirty linen in public’ got the better of me. There’s something missing in the show...I feel, despite all the truth & dare stuff, there’s a certain bit of inhibition...both from the producer-host as well as the participants. Inspite of the tall claims, there’s this holding-back factor which is not giving me the kick....people are blaming it on the Indian mentality, but when you decide on format for the show, there's no going half-way is what I feel!

And the rest of my life remains same...well, I can’t stop wondering in anticipation for today evening (well, it’s 1’0 clock in the night anyway!) why? ....I’ll tell you soon, So long!

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