Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bombay monsoon...an experience

If there is a must-have experience list that one should go in through in India, spending a monsoon in Bombay would definitely figure in top ten! This is my first monsoon in this city & I am humbled....not only by the impact nature can have on human lives, but also by the perseverance and tenacity of the people living here. Hats off to those innumerable (really huge numbers!) souls living & commuting here, who remain undaunted, with a smile on their faces, not cribbing or complaining irrespective of caste, creed or the strata of society they belong to. They have accepted this struggle as an innate part of their existence. It can be summed up by this small anecdote.
A weekend or two back, it was really raining cats & dogs...I expressed concern to my maid, whether the lady who cleans my bathroom would be able to make it in this heavy downpour. My maid, nonchalantly remarked...”off-course she’d come, don’t you go to work if it rains?! ...this is her work; she’s getting paid for it”.

I have stayed in quite a few cities in India...certainly the people here are different...must be in the city’s genes.


  1. yep, the only people who are happy when it rains heavily are those who dont want to go to office :)

  2. This is the second one I read.....
    Really touched my heart. Specially after spending 2 years in Mumbai, I know how true it is.