Sunday, September 27, 2009

Misplaced Morality

Indians have a mixed sense of values. In any average locality in India, if a girl walks out on a skirt 5 inches above her knees, or a woman sports a blouse that has a neck deeper in length than usual, she is an object of cat-calls. That still can be handled, but there have been incidents where it gets violent – using the cigarette or the blade to display the manly prowess and show the women their position in the society – such gruesome tales are quite commonplace. And no prizes for guessing the cop’s reaction - she dressed to provoke!!!! ...and all in the name of Indian culture and purity!
I had been to the Ganges Ghat (banks) very recently. In the name of holy-dip the skin displayed by men and Women can put any B-grade movie into shame. Moral policing doesn’t work there....because it is in the name of the HOLY DIVINE!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Reincarnation of Hirok Raja in 2009

This post may go very much un-appreciated with non-bong fellow readers, but I’d be as illustrative as possible. Among the host of films that Ray made, ‘Hirok Rajar deshe’ definitely is a must-watch. It talks of the atrocities of the ruler, corruption, greed, vengeance and most of all obsessions-with-self. There is also a vision of class-less society and redistribution of wealth. What made the movie endearing is the delivery of the thought not through heavy-hanging dictums, but satire! In the movie the king is obsessed with hirok – diamonds and himself.
Though Ray was narrating fiction, but a lot of such crazy kings and queens are ubiquitous in our World. Well, I am referring to none other than Mayawati. Let’s see some of the quick similarities between the fiction king and her highness Mademoiselle Maya....

1. Statues – Maya loves statues, by the time her tenure ends...Uttar Pradesh may actually look like M-urat Pradesh
2. Greed – Hirok Raja was greedy for money, and could go to any extent to levy taxes.If they refuse to pay, they pay with their lives! Maya’s goons openly murder people if they don’t pay (remember, the engineer who got killed for refusing to pay for her birthday!)
3. Love for Diamond – The lady is known to flaunt her diamond rings and necklaces. Ironic, in times or recession and draught!

The essence of democracy lies in the freedom of expression. Madam Maya seems to have forgotten that, she apprehends anyone who raises their voice against her, and she does it all by undemocratic means.
So...going by the story, the end should be same for Maya as it did for Hirok Raja...

Doree dhorey maaro taan
Maya hawbe khan-khan!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why are we so feudal?

Even after sixty-two years of independence, we, Indians are innately feudal. After working in Companies which are driven by US policies, I have recently joined a company which is essentially Indian in more ways than one. The first day I joined, I noticed a sir-culture quite unlike my previous organizations. I did have a slight anticipation about this, so I took it into my stride. Apart from this, my office being located in Calcutta had the-dada-culture about it as well! Bongs just have to be so stereotypical! The next thing that kept me gaping for the entire next week was the preferential treatment meted out to certain groups of the employee. I can’t help but sharing these with you. For these herd, plates are laid out, food is served, water poured in tumblers, food if brought from home is heated in microwave...whereas for the other low and subservient souls, they have to stand in queue as long as it takes, which is fine as long as it’s the same rule for everyone! I have worked in companies where even the CEO & Managing Director were had to go though the same process as did the just seemed so normal. Car-parks are always reserved for the high & mighty here...Welcome to India!

This was one of the things I directly faced in my small World. A couple of other things that happened in India recently...The state Government of Rajasthan had passed a circular stating that all government officials have to rise and pay due respect (read attention) to the visiting MLAs & MPs (i.e. whenever your highness decides to drop in!) ...isn’t it absolutely ridiculous? Can Respect be forced...shouldn’t it be earned? Aren’t we going back to the ages of Rajas & Maharajas when all their subjects had to rise and bend, in front of them to show respect? Where are we heading as a society...?

Another very recent occurrence, but something that keeps on happening from time to whenever a minster or anyone important (read wealthy) dies, all the media attention is stuck on that person and his achievements however menial they may be! What about the people who die with those two pilots who went down with YSR and innumerable people like them? What is their value as human being? Has anyone even stopped to know....possibly one family has lost their only bread-winner? Do we have to suck up to the rich & wealthy so much? it really necessary to flatter those who are already so privileged? ....time to introspect

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

random note

I realized that I haven’t written a random post for a really long time. Being back to Calcutta for the past one month has spoiled me thoroughly. I make long To-Do list which I hardly ever finish at the end of the day, all I do is doodle away doing nothing! I am having this uncanny feeling that I’d have to pay a very dear price for being such a lazy bone very soon! A few quick updates from my end:
Birthday was very quiet & simple affair & I loved every moment of it. I was in deep slumber when Ma actually called (yes, you got it right, Ma called me within the very same house) sweet of her & I had payesh, the traditional delicacy of a bong B’day, followed by the usual suspects...Thanks J what would I do without you guys! Sudarshan, sounding sleepy...but never failed in last ten you! A friend called umpteen times & wished me birthday every time I picked up the phone...I was smashed! Some people who I never thought would call did, thanks folks! I actually went to office, worked for the entire day, attended a meeting at client’s office (did not crib)...even my boss was impressed! Though, it’s another thing that I was down with flu & stayed indoors for the next two days.

My long dream of having a pendant designed as ‘P’ has finally been’s hardly a week...& I am in love with it!

I am not going to indulge in any Durga Puja shopping this year, considering my Ma is forever complaining that she’s tired of the number of clothes I have accumulated over the years, which I never want to throw away!

I have planned a nice vacation for my parents to Uttaranchal... (in any case, if anyone is wondering, I am not tagging along with them!)