Sunday, September 27, 2009

Misplaced Morality

Indians have a mixed sense of values. In any average locality in India, if a girl walks out on a skirt 5 inches above her knees, or a woman sports a blouse that has a neck deeper in length than usual, she is an object of cat-calls. That still can be handled, but there have been incidents where it gets violent – using the cigarette or the blade to display the manly prowess and show the women their position in the society – such gruesome tales are quite commonplace. And no prizes for guessing the cop’s reaction - she dressed to provoke!!!! ...and all in the name of Indian culture and purity!
I had been to the Ganges Ghat (banks) very recently. In the name of holy-dip the skin displayed by men and Women can put any B-grade movie into shame. Moral policing doesn’t work there....because it is in the name of the HOLY DIVINE!


  1. I am agree with you. what ever you have have written. The society can accept its.

    you are welcome to my blog

  2. One of the easiest tasks is finding an excuse: 'provoked', 'holy',..
    We misuse it..

    Good that you've chosen to express against the 'givens' of society