Tuesday, September 1, 2009

random note

I realized that I haven’t written a random post for a really long time. Being back to Calcutta for the past one month has spoiled me thoroughly. I make long To-Do list which I hardly ever finish at the end of the day, all I do is doodle away doing nothing! I am having this uncanny feeling that I’d have to pay a very dear price for being such a lazy bone very soon! A few quick updates from my end:
Birthday was very quiet & simple affair & I loved every moment of it. I was in deep slumber when Ma actually called (yes, you got it right, Ma called me within the very same house)...so sweet of her & I had payesh, the traditional delicacy of a bong B’day, followed by the usual suspects...Thanks J what would I do without you guys! Sudarshan, sounding sleepy...but never failed in last ten years...love you! A friend called umpteen times & wished me birthday every time I picked up the phone...I was smashed! Some people who I never thought would call did, thanks folks! I actually went to office, worked for the entire day, attended a meeting at client’s office (did not crib)...even my boss was impressed! Though, it’s another thing that I was down with flu & stayed indoors for the next two days.

My long dream of having a pendant designed as ‘P’ has finally been fulfilled...it’s hardly a week...& I am in love with it!

I am not going to indulge in any Durga Puja shopping this year, considering my Ma is forever complaining that she’s tired of the number of clothes I have accumulated over the years, which I never want to throw away!

I have planned a nice vacation for my parents to Uttaranchal... (in any case, if anyone is wondering, I am not tagging along with them!)

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  1. The innate to-do list of a dutiful daughter..
    It's better to have something 'to be fulfilled'..life is less exciting without a to-do list..
    - Bhaskor