Saturday, September 26, 2009

Reincarnation of Hirok Raja in 2009

This post may go very much un-appreciated with non-bong fellow readers, but I’d be as illustrative as possible. Among the host of films that Ray made, ‘Hirok Rajar deshe’ definitely is a must-watch. It talks of the atrocities of the ruler, corruption, greed, vengeance and most of all obsessions-with-self. There is also a vision of class-less society and redistribution of wealth. What made the movie endearing is the delivery of the thought not through heavy-hanging dictums, but satire! In the movie the king is obsessed with hirok – diamonds and himself.
Though Ray was narrating fiction, but a lot of such crazy kings and queens are ubiquitous in our World. Well, I am referring to none other than Mayawati. Let’s see some of the quick similarities between the fiction king and her highness Mademoiselle Maya....

1. Statues – Maya loves statues, by the time her tenure ends...Uttar Pradesh may actually look like M-urat Pradesh
2. Greed – Hirok Raja was greedy for money, and could go to any extent to levy taxes.If they refuse to pay, they pay with their lives! Maya’s goons openly murder people if they don’t pay (remember, the engineer who got killed for refusing to pay for her birthday!)
3. Love for Diamond – The lady is known to flaunt her diamond rings and necklaces. Ironic, in times or recession and draught!

The essence of democracy lies in the freedom of expression. Madam Maya seems to have forgotten that, she apprehends anyone who raises their voice against her, and she does it all by undemocratic means.
So...going by the story, the end should be same for Maya as it did for Hirok Raja...

Doree dhorey maaro taan
Maya hawbe khan-khan!


  1. She has to spend her ill-gotten billions somewhere, hasn't she? What better way than to erect statues of herself to cater to her megalomania and feed her delusions of grandeur. Just like Advani she will never ever realize her dreams of becoming the prime minister of this country.

  2. A sheer negligence towards a state for more than 50 years by center govt. has led to Illiteracy, hooliganism , unemployment and high crime rate , Uttar Pradesh which was a heart of freedom fight and had produced many freedom fighters like Shaheed Mangal Pandey, Pundit Ram Prasad Bismil to name a few was also center stage of Nehru-Gandhi family…..but this state was used rather misused by politician because it sends most number of MP to lok-sabha ( 80 odd out of 545 highest for a single state) , it gives them ample opportunity to play caste politics, religion politics while keeping the ppl unemployed and illiterate.

    Maya is around for what has been done in last 50 year, majority of Uttar Pradesh has chosen her.. although she is all wrong in what she is doing but alas we are responsible for this !!