Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why are we so feudal?

Even after sixty-two years of independence, we, Indians are innately feudal. After working in Companies which are driven by US policies, I have recently joined a company which is essentially Indian in more ways than one. The first day I joined, I noticed a sir-culture quite unlike my previous organizations. I did have a slight anticipation about this, so I took it into my stride. Apart from this, my office being located in Calcutta had the-dada-culture about it as well! Bongs just have to be so stereotypical! The next thing that kept me gaping for the entire next week was the preferential treatment meted out to certain groups of the employee. I can’t help but sharing these with you. For these herd, plates are laid out, food is served, water poured in tumblers, food if brought from home is heated in microwave...whereas for the other low and subservient souls, they have to stand in queue as long as it takes, which is fine as long as it’s the same rule for everyone! I have worked in companies where even the CEO & Managing Director were had to go though the same process as did the fresher....it just seemed so normal. Car-parks are always reserved for the high & mighty here...Welcome to India!

This was one of the things I directly faced in my small World. A couple of other things that happened in India recently...The state Government of Rajasthan had passed a circular stating that all government officials have to rise and pay due respect (read attention) to the visiting MLAs & MPs (i.e. whenever your highness decides to drop in!) ...isn’t it absolutely ridiculous? Can Respect be forced...shouldn’t it be earned? Aren’t we going back to the ages of Rajas & Maharajas when all their subjects had to rise and bend, in front of them to show respect? Where are we heading as a society...?

Another very recent occurrence, but something that keeps on happening from time to time...is whenever a minster or anyone important (read wealthy) dies, all the media attention is stuck on that person and his achievements however menial they may be! What about the people who die with him....like those two pilots who went down with YSR and innumerable people like them? What is their value as human being? Has anyone even stopped to know....possibly one family has lost their only bread-winner? Do we have to suck up to the rich & wealthy so much?...is it really necessary to flatter those who are already so privileged? ....time to introspect

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  1. Discrimination is criminal..
    Good thought.
    - Bhaskor