Sunday, October 25, 2009

Challenging Democracy

Whenever I switch on any of the local channels, all I hear about is Maoists...I have no clue who they are, what they are fighting for and I wonder if anyone does! But my take is that violence seldom achieves anything stable in long term and Democracy as a political form of governance is too powerful to be swept off by any armed rebellion. Many people tried and they were not able to succeed....history stands testimony to that.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wake up Raj Thakre

Raj Thakre has proved again that he is a failed politician. Apart from the surname he has nothing to his political credibility; he is an expert in converting non-issues into humungous issues and bring disturbance in people’s lives. The word Bombay is as casually used in the movie ‘Wake up Sid’ as I use Calcutta every time and not Kolkata. If some politician persecutes me for that then down with that bugger!
Wake up Sid is a refreshing movie, pure fun to watch. It has its brilliant moments. Ranbir Kapoor after a series of disasters has finally come of age as a natural. Four generations of contribution to Indian cinema is evident. Sid’s reconciliation with his Mum was a touching moment. His relationship with his friends is so real; these must be real anecdotes from Ayan Mukerji’s diary...especially the treatment of sincerity towards the obese friend without making a mockery of the obesity. Konkona’s character Aisha is slightly straight out of the book, with dreams and landing on the job right away, nevertheless there is certain freshness about the whole treatment. Her displaying irritation knowing Sid’s affinity with the other girl was so real. Her flat is quaint; it made me nostalgic about my stay in Bangalore! Konkona is good as ever, as a bong I am so glad that she’s making her mark in mainstream cinema....she learned from the mistake her Mum Aparna committed so many years back by declining Shyam Benegal’s Ankur which finally became the debut film of Shabana Azmi. One thing I noticed, it’s evident on screen that both sides of her nose is pierced...the make-up guys should have taken care of it. Guys, you must go & watch the’s worth time & money.

Mahalaya marks the advent of Durga puja. People visit the ghats of Ganges to pay homage to their ancestors in the early morning.

junior client

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I am upset!

I have not been keeping well for some time now...continuously plagued by fever, or some kind of infection. I am confined within the four walls for the last few weeks. Is travelling taking a toll on me...maybe its age!

why are gold merchants prosperous?

Today is the Kojagiri purnima, a special full-moon night. The significance lies in doing Lakshmi puja today especially among people with roots in opaar bangla i.e. Bangladesh. I just recalled a funny story that I had heard long back...why are the gold merchants so rich?
Legend goes that Lakshmi had visited a gold merchant’s house. The merchant’s wife asked her to sit, said she has some quick work to finish and sought a promise that the Goddess must not leave until she is back. Lakshmi promised. Guess what the merchant’s wife did...she tied an earthen pot around her neck, jumped in the pond behind her house and committed suicide. Lakshmi kept on waiting at the Gold merchant’s bound by promise and the merchant’s wife never returned! The gold merchants continue to prosper even today.
Another sacrifice made by a woman....who cares anyway?!!!