Saturday, October 3, 2009

why are gold merchants prosperous?

Today is the Kojagiri purnima, a special full-moon night. The significance lies in doing Lakshmi puja today especially among people with roots in opaar bangla i.e. Bangladesh. I just recalled a funny story that I had heard long back...why are the gold merchants so rich?
Legend goes that Lakshmi had visited a gold merchant’s house. The merchant’s wife asked her to sit, said she has some quick work to finish and sought a promise that the Goddess must not leave until she is back. Lakshmi promised. Guess what the merchant’s wife did...she tied an earthen pot around her neck, jumped in the pond behind her house and committed suicide. Lakshmi kept on waiting at the Gold merchant’s bound by promise and the merchant’s wife never returned! The gold merchants continue to prosper even today.
Another sacrifice made by a woman....who cares anyway?!!!