Saturday, November 21, 2009

The aura of stars

I have had an account in Twitter for quite some time now, but it’s just recently that I have been active. I think it can be fairly attributed to Shashi Tharoor and his crass comment that gave Twitter the attention...and what I observe almost every B-Town, and net-savvy politicos are active, especially the tinsel town twittering is very pronounced. Now, if we take a look at the past couple of decades, the actors and actresses from B-town used to maintain a distance from common folk. That was the way they maintained their star-status. The media made them a star. Now-a-days thanks to Internet, and its access to one & everyone you get to know when they went for their head massage and where, what they had for breakfast, what movie they watched.....and the list goes on & on. The glamour is wearing off....& I hope it does.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blytonesque literature

She shipped me to a world where everything was perfect. The perfect summer holidays, with friends, a bicycle, a dog & a mystery. She took me through a boarding school on a sea-cliff overlooking the deep blue water, girls playing lacrosse in the evening, strict but affectionate teachers and naughty classmates. She whispered in my ears the tales of forgetful Mr. Twiddle, finicky Golliwogs, naughty Amelia Jane, impatient Fatty, astute Alicia, tomboyish Georgina. I longed to experience the English summer holidays, stay in a circus caravan to have a slice of the fun Jimmy felt. Her writings were as faraway possible from the British snobbery. She instilled in me a love for reading for which I am grateful till today. And BBC bans dramatization of her writings, saying it is ‘stilted and longwinded’.....but to this day her popularity has not suffered...I grew up reading Enid Blyton and so will my children!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If you really hate someone what is one curse that you can throw to that person, that would make his/her life an incessant hell? .... a devil of a boss!...I am sure someone had cursed me the same!

Monday, November 16, 2009

.....God help Marathi Manoos!

This subject has become especially close to my heart. My country witnessed discrimination based on caste & religion in the post-independence era which had its roots deep ingrained from the medieval ages and even before. I am not sure if prejudice against language existed but what is more alarming is that it is on the rise by the day! I am sure it was not this blatant as it is today by the sheer fact that we have a huge Marwari & Gujrati community in Calcutta, Bengali community in Bangalore, Telegu & Malyali community in Bangalore, Gujrati & Parsis in Bombay...& they coexisted happily...primary because it was one India! But things are changing seek a job in Maharashtra, MNS demands that the candidate in question needs to be a Marathis Manoos! It’s all well & good as long as it is a demand, but now they beat up people, they indulge in the act of hooliganism causing destruction of life & property. Surprisingly from the recent elections it seems that there is a sizable mandate which supports their concern!
There are two questions that need to be addressed – First, who comprises of this sizable mandate? Secondly, how justified & logical is the demand?

To answer the first question, let me start with a quick story. I have a Bengali friend staying in Bombay for the past ten years working in a reputed company. Till the last elections held a month back, his name did not appear in the voting list. I am sure this is true for many such non-Marathi mortals who have been staying in Bombay for a considerable amount of time. They earn their living there, have invested in property, shed tears last November when terror struck...they are true Bombayites or Mumbaikars as you’d call them! But they are not able to exercise the constitutional right because of the logistic issue of not getting their names in the voter list. So we can safely say, that most of the common folks who go out to vote are the Marathis and a sizable population staying in Bombay missed out on the voting opportunity. Now I can name ten companies headquartered in Bombay whose CXO is non-Marathi. Would I be too wrong to make a statement that the a particular section of Marathis are falling behind in competition to grab top jobs, hence feeling insecure...and that is the reason why they vote for MNS. This section wants a quota for them because they are incompetent and a political party with discrimination based politics caters to their insecurity!

The second question is simpler...from the constitutional point of view, if the keepers of the nation had thought it was justified they would have introduced restricted mobility among states in India, and we would have required a passport to visit a neighbouring state. Besides, the constitution clearly states that it is a right to take a job, practice a trade anywhere within the legal boundary of India!

To Raj Thakre, Bal Thakre and the clan...who has sent their kids to English medium schools and spread the Marathi Manoos propaganda to keep their political presence alive....compete and win! Produce a Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar, Ashutosh Gowarikar, Madhuri Dixit, Vijay Tendulkar, Smita Patil and the likes, the entire India will pay homage to you....if the incompetent idiots demand preferential treatment, be in Bombay or anywhere in the World...all you’d get is a thumbs down!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Musing

I watched Phir Milenge yesterday night albeit five years too late. I did watch bits & pieces before, but never got a chance to watch the complete piece. Revathi’s creations are food for thought and definitely a treat to watch. Apart from the awareness about the virus and fighting for one’s rights, there’s one more subtle thing the film touched upon. Being engrossed so much in our career, we lose touch with the reality...where the job never takes care of us. It is friends & family who are by our side through thick & thin. A boss or a co-worker however good he or she is, remains a colleague at the end of the putting happiness & life at stake for the sake of career is a risk which not at all worth taking!
Nandita Puri’s attempt to sell a few extra copies of her book though lurid publicity comes across as cheap and shocking. What length these people are willing to go for money & fame ...shame!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Life's Like that

I have to learn a tool, more specifically ‘Business Objects’ in next 5 days, and implement it for a client and be perfect at the how tough is that?

I set very high expectation among people around me, I am damn good for them and they are for me, as long as I am keeping up to those expectations...the moment I falter, I get the bad is that?

If you are incessantly ill, for no fault of yours...people are initially concerned, then sympathetic, then preachy, followed by indifference ending with blame (for unable to take care of yourself) cruel is that?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

winter memories

Gone are those childhood winter days. Ma would pester me for the shower I was not at all willing to take. But it’s true, after the warm shower which I took with reluctance I actually felt better. We’d bask in the sun after lunch in the balcony, the heat much mellowed down unlike that of the sultry summer in Calcutta. Ma peeled the orange & my eyes would sting from the water coming out from the orange peel. She used to say it is good for the eyes. I would play badminton with my neighbourhood pals in the dusty winter evening. Gone are those days....