Monday, November 16, 2009

.....God help Marathi Manoos!

This subject has become especially close to my heart. My country witnessed discrimination based on caste & religion in the post-independence era which had its roots deep ingrained from the medieval ages and even before. I am not sure if prejudice against language existed but what is more alarming is that it is on the rise by the day! I am sure it was not this blatant as it is today by the sheer fact that we have a huge Marwari & Gujrati community in Calcutta, Bengali community in Bangalore, Telegu & Malyali community in Bangalore, Gujrati & Parsis in Bombay...& they coexisted happily...primary because it was one India! But things are changing seek a job in Maharashtra, MNS demands that the candidate in question needs to be a Marathis Manoos! It’s all well & good as long as it is a demand, but now they beat up people, they indulge in the act of hooliganism causing destruction of life & property. Surprisingly from the recent elections it seems that there is a sizable mandate which supports their concern!
There are two questions that need to be addressed – First, who comprises of this sizable mandate? Secondly, how justified & logical is the demand?

To answer the first question, let me start with a quick story. I have a Bengali friend staying in Bombay for the past ten years working in a reputed company. Till the last elections held a month back, his name did not appear in the voting list. I am sure this is true for many such non-Marathi mortals who have been staying in Bombay for a considerable amount of time. They earn their living there, have invested in property, shed tears last November when terror struck...they are true Bombayites or Mumbaikars as you’d call them! But they are not able to exercise the constitutional right because of the logistic issue of not getting their names in the voter list. So we can safely say, that most of the common folks who go out to vote are the Marathis and a sizable population staying in Bombay missed out on the voting opportunity. Now I can name ten companies headquartered in Bombay whose CXO is non-Marathi. Would I be too wrong to make a statement that the a particular section of Marathis are falling behind in competition to grab top jobs, hence feeling insecure...and that is the reason why they vote for MNS. This section wants a quota for them because they are incompetent and a political party with discrimination based politics caters to their insecurity!

The second question is simpler...from the constitutional point of view, if the keepers of the nation had thought it was justified they would have introduced restricted mobility among states in India, and we would have required a passport to visit a neighbouring state. Besides, the constitution clearly states that it is a right to take a job, practice a trade anywhere within the legal boundary of India!

To Raj Thakre, Bal Thakre and the clan...who has sent their kids to English medium schools and spread the Marathi Manoos propaganda to keep their political presence alive....compete and win! Produce a Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar, Ashutosh Gowarikar, Madhuri Dixit, Vijay Tendulkar, Smita Patil and the likes, the entire India will pay homage to you....if the incompetent idiots demand preferential treatment, be in Bombay or anywhere in the World...all you’d get is a thumbs down!


  1. This is a preposterous situation. The cure to disease is going to be costly affair and will take time to recover.

    Essentially Mumbai as they call it has been made into potential giant economical sump of once a group odd useless pieces of land in the form of small islands. Today it has the highest foreign exchange market and the biggest BULL running BSE running from there deciding the country’s future. This has lead to various migrations by people all over- searching opportunities, "greener grasses" etc..

    I strongly feel that the this kind of regional Bias and following violence should be included as part of POTA Act and revoked wherever necessary to protect the law abiding citizen's interests and further BAN anything taht roots in this direction across the nation.

    The Thakre CLAN can go take a flying Fart across the Mediterranean if they have issues with this.

    Apologies for the verbiage, as I feel very strongly towards this.


  2. How dare you call Mumbai Bombay? How dare you not publish this blog in Marathi? I am sending some goons over to destroy your computer right now.

  3. If mice could roar
    If a tortoise could run
    And losses be won,
    And bullies be buttered on toast;
    If a song brought a shower,
    And a gun grew a flower,
    This world would be nicer than most!

    ....Ruskin Bond

  4. After spending 2 years in Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu, and in Mumbai for the last 6 months, the politics of language suddenly becomes an interesting object of study, armed with hands-on experience.

  5. Please go to chennai and speak against tamils then see the reaction.Go to calcutta and say against benglai see the reaction.population science shows mumbai is just too much populated. The non-marathis will never accept it how much a marathi manoos has to struggle these days.The level of competition from birth till death is exceedingly higher in mumbai than in other city/states..

    Lets not make one more terrorist nation like kashmir/nagaland/tamilnadu/punjab/assam/arunachal pradesh and now maharashtra...

    marathi manoos

  6. Dear marathi manoos,

    Calcutta has plenty of marwaris & gujratis & we coexist happily! ...of all the problems Calcutta has, regional dis-harmony is the least of them. secondly as long as the law of the land doesn't lay out separate passports for each state, there's nothing one can do to stop people from migrating from one state to other apart from creating tension of course. Bombay's cosmopolitan culture is what makes "Bombay" and I am sure every Marathi Manoos would appreciate that as well!