Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Musing

I watched Phir Milenge yesterday night albeit five years too late. I did watch bits & pieces before, but never got a chance to watch the complete piece. Revathi’s creations are food for thought and definitely a treat to watch. Apart from the awareness about the virus and fighting for one’s rights, there’s one more subtle thing the film touched upon. Being engrossed so much in our career, we lose touch with the reality...where the job never takes care of us. It is friends & family who are by our side through thick & thin. A boss or a co-worker however good he or she is, remains a colleague at the end of the putting happiness & life at stake for the sake of career is a risk which not at all worth taking!
Nandita Puri’s attempt to sell a few extra copies of her book though lurid publicity comes across as cheap and shocking. What length these people are willing to go for money & fame ...shame!

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