Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Public-Private entente

I studied Economics in College & University...not that I understand the mechanisms of the economy very well. While studying the role of Public Sector, I learnt that Private Players in any area – Infrastructure, Agriculture operate on the basis of market forces – Demand & Supply. The role of the Government comes in with a more egalitarian & samaritan flavour. Today, if I set myself in a venture, I would price my commodity or service with two simple objectives – Maximization of Profit and Minimization of Costs. As a private player, I am justified in doing so probably a shed more justified than the Government doing the same thing. But Honestly, I wouldn’t really mind if the Government too works on the same principle, because as an Economy matures, that should be the practice. The people should be that well-off to afford the goods & services at market price, and gradually putting an end to subsidized regime. But my problem is something entirely different...The Government is closing down its profitable concerns because private players are bribing them to do so! This is absolutely not acceptable....the private players want to have a greater market share, & they bribe the Government...who suffers....? Who else, but we!!

I’ll quote a personal example – There used to be quite a few state-run buses plying between Salt Lake & various parts of the City. For the benefit of those who have not been to Calcutta, these buses are fast, big, and provide the commuters far greater comfort than those belonging to the private players. The recently deceased Transport minister Subhas Chakraborty (God, rest his soul in peace!) shut them down gradually, and in turn made loads of money which I believe his family is enjoying presently. The kind of transport left has added to the woe, leads to increases misdeeds (the shuttle accident & molestation I am referring to).

Something needs to be done...and it’s we consumers who can do it. We can’t let these buggers get away with this!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Going Green - I

The discussion happened when Avra came to invite me for his wedding...oh yes another wedding invitation to my endless list! He gave a neat wedding invitation-card, with an eager smile please-come type. I thanked & promised to be there to gorge on the food. After a while staring at the card, I remarked, “you should not did send me a mail & that was need for the card. These are only for that generation who do not use email...after all cards are wastage of paper....” He came up with the argument that most people do, "Cards are special, emails don’t give the same feel as card is superficial ...." There must be millions of wedding happening every year, if everyone saves on at least two hundred cards....oh my maths is bad, I have no clue how many zeroes that will be, but I know for sure that a lot of trees will be saved!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Rendezvous with Auro

A beautiful Sunday afternoon, truly well spent is how I would describe it. After a very hurried walk to the multiplex, My Ma & I was just in time to catch the 11:50 show. As every critic & audience agrees that Auro was fantastic & so was his Paa & Ma, and the dialogues were really good. Apart from these Balki has created some very touching moments in the film.

The scene where Vidya confides to her Mum about her pregnancy touched a chord. The scene was so well scripted. The Mother did not go into a fit of rage or throw tantrums, she boldly laid down the choice, and the good thing was she was not projected as a very bindaas Mother who accepts an error on her daughter’s part but a woman who herself has raised a kid on her own and talks it out with her...Life after all is a lot about the choices we make. Arundhuti Nag is a gritty & fantastic woman in real life, and Balki did a wonderful job casting her, as he had cast Zohra Sehgal in Cheeni Kum. The general rapport shared between Auro & the two generation of women has been portrayed so well, without emotions going overboard. On the same note, the scene between Arundhuti Nag & AB Jr. has also been done beautifully. When a woman faces hardships for a long time, she becomes strong from within...not easy to crack her then!
This movie was Vidya’s best till date, way better than Parineeta....Cheers to her! The kids were good; especially Auro’s best Vishnu...Balki sure has a way with kids.

A must watch would not want to miss the movie that would bag highest number of awards...would you?

P.S.: A nice statement made about boundaries about states in India...we all know towards whom the comment has been directed :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

a head-less chicken, who doesn't want to run!

It’s been mad for the past few many things to do, & time’s running (time & tide waits for none is probably the most under-rated proverb!). The weekend is looming large like a scary giant, & though it’s Friday afternoon, I can already feel Monday breathing down my neck!

These days I am working out of the client’s office, & an extra dimension has been added to my commuting. I had almost forgotten what it is like to travel in the mini-bus of Calcutta, which can appropriately be termed as tin-dabba! Yes, the drivers in the initial hour ply the vehicle like they have gone for a stroll in the evening with their girlfriends which turns to an *** on fire in the later half! & poor me gets tossed & turned, with a huge laptop bag on my shoulders!!! If I appear 60 degrees bent, trust me it won’t be due to my bad walking posture!

After going through this all I crave is for a restful weekend...but, heck no! The whole world seems to be getting married now; almost every second day there’s a wedding/reception to attend! This weekend is no exception, as a matter of fact, both Saturday & Sunday is going to be there....Though I am a foodie, but after few such parties all the delicious stuff starts tasting the same! Moreover, presents have to be there I end up shopping when I am not attending the party!

I have promised Ma to take her out to watch ‘Paa’ and that’s one promise I better live upto....