Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Going Green - I

The discussion happened when Avra came to invite me for his wedding...oh yes another wedding invitation to my endless list! He gave a neat wedding invitation-card, with an eager smile please-come type. I thanked & promised to be there to gorge on the food. After a while staring at the card, I remarked, “you know...you should not have...you did send me a mail & that was enough...no need for the card. These are only for that generation who do not use email...after all cards are wastage of paper....” He came up with the argument that most people do, "Cards are special, emails don’t give the same feel as card does...email is superficial ...." There must be millions of wedding happening every year, if everyone saves on at least two hundred cards....oh my maths is bad, I have no clue how many zeroes that will be, but I know for sure that a lot of trees will be saved!


  1. Very nice words you use to describe the thoughts you are having.It makes me to remember the poems of Rabindra Nath Tagore(Thankur).

  2. oh my my...you have compared a pool of mud water to that of an ocean....thanks anyway :)