Friday, December 4, 2009

a head-less chicken, who doesn't want to run!

It’s been mad for the past few many things to do, & time’s running (time & tide waits for none is probably the most under-rated proverb!). The weekend is looming large like a scary giant, & though it’s Friday afternoon, I can already feel Monday breathing down my neck!

These days I am working out of the client’s office, & an extra dimension has been added to my commuting. I had almost forgotten what it is like to travel in the mini-bus of Calcutta, which can appropriately be termed as tin-dabba! Yes, the drivers in the initial hour ply the vehicle like they have gone for a stroll in the evening with their girlfriends which turns to an *** on fire in the later half! & poor me gets tossed & turned, with a huge laptop bag on my shoulders!!! If I appear 60 degrees bent, trust me it won’t be due to my bad walking posture!

After going through this all I crave is for a restful weekend...but, heck no! The whole world seems to be getting married now; almost every second day there’s a wedding/reception to attend! This weekend is no exception, as a matter of fact, both Saturday & Sunday is going to be there....Though I am a foodie, but after few such parties all the delicious stuff starts tasting the same! Moreover, presents have to be there I end up shopping when I am not attending the party!

I have promised Ma to take her out to watch ‘Paa’ and that’s one promise I better live upto....


  1. sure, welcome but alas! you asked a li'l too late...

  2. people tell me that it is worth watching twice.. ;-)