Monday, December 7, 2009

Rendezvous with Auro

A beautiful Sunday afternoon, truly well spent is how I would describe it. After a very hurried walk to the multiplex, My Ma & I was just in time to catch the 11:50 show. As every critic & audience agrees that Auro was fantastic & so was his Paa & Ma, and the dialogues were really good. Apart from these Balki has created some very touching moments in the film.

The scene where Vidya confides to her Mum about her pregnancy touched a chord. The scene was so well scripted. The Mother did not go into a fit of rage or throw tantrums, she boldly laid down the choice, and the good thing was she was not projected as a very bindaas Mother who accepts an error on her daughter’s part but a woman who herself has raised a kid on her own and talks it out with her...Life after all is a lot about the choices we make. Arundhuti Nag is a gritty & fantastic woman in real life, and Balki did a wonderful job casting her, as he had cast Zohra Sehgal in Cheeni Kum. The general rapport shared between Auro & the two generation of women has been portrayed so well, without emotions going overboard. On the same note, the scene between Arundhuti Nag & AB Jr. has also been done beautifully. When a woman faces hardships for a long time, she becomes strong from within...not easy to crack her then!
This movie was Vidya’s best till date, way better than Parineeta....Cheers to her! The kids were good; especially Auro’s best Vishnu...Balki sure has a way with kids.

A must watch would not want to miss the movie that would bag highest number of awards...would you?

P.S.: A nice statement made about boundaries about states in India...we all know towards whom the comment has been directed :)

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