Monday, April 26, 2010

When the plane touched down....

It was like coming home…I know, I know my Ma is not going to like it at all, but I just can’t help it! There is something about this city that so comforting, something that I don’t even know…yes, I can’t speak the local language, & I detest the local cuisine apart from a few exceptions…but I love the place & it’s not just the weather. In the past one year, everything seems to be the same except for a few flyovers of course! …and one more change, the Dude & I share rooms, kitchen & the rest…life’s good, more so that it’s in Bangalore…the hasty showers in the evening, the tree-lined streets, restaurants in every nook & cranny, the unbeatable traffic, appam & mutton stew at Koshy’s, window shopping at Forum….I am one happy soul!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back from the voyage!

After a long sabbatical, I am back! A very hectic but perhaps the most defining phase of life that I have gone through since moving out of home in 2004 when I got a job & started fending for myself. I saw myself adopting nearly a hundred relationships within a few hours of wedding vows. A few hours that helped me discover another facet of my own self. I went through the complete ritual (primarily because my Parents, the Dude & in-laws wanted it)... & I am glad I’s an experience I recommend to everyone....don’t skip it, short-cuts can rob you from an enriching journey!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Engraver

Honestly, I was not sure what to write about him. This man has the most piercing eyes, that I can think of and he looks straight into the eye....His personality was no less than an artist whose work is showcased in an expensive gallery, hair dyed neatly with mehendi, he looked so much polished in contrast to the environment he is working!