Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Women do not get raped because they weren't careful enough. Women get raped because someone raped them"

It’s quite some time I have penned something in this’d have been nice to write something pleasant, but what the hell! It had to be this...

I had a nauseating sensation as the news channels poured in with the story...a horrible portrayal as minute facts were stated loud and clear! It is nothing new, happens everyday...this one is getting some attention because it happened in the capital. I can just hope that it won’t die a natural death like countless others...but whatever little attention it gets, it’s a hope for those numerous victims obscured in dust-laden files in police-stations!
When I see a child being force-fed, and the kid is resisting with all his/her might, I feel bad...for something is done against wish howsoever good the intention is; and when I think of a woman being taken and overpowered against her will when she is screaming, begging for mercy...and how? Just because nature has bestowed man with more physical prowess!! is sheer repulsive and say the least!
Rape is one crime where the victim is turned into an is her actions that is assumed to have provoked what was done to her! The whole argument is insane...yes INSANE! Would any woman do this to herself? Would she challenge a man saying, ‘show me ...if you can rape me??’ well, the deeper arguments are even flawed...the way she dressed, her visiting the pub late evening, her forward demeanour etc etc. ...are you telling me that man is not responsible for his action? And a mere external attribute of the opposite gender is enough to instigate his inhuman instincts?!
That’s just the crime part of it...the process of justice (if, at all!) is even more convoluted. Even if the criminals are identified, the system would ensure that they can get away with it for as long as they can...and by that time, the woman is either dead (if she is lucky) or scarred for life, physically and emotionally; the chances of a rape victim going back to a normal life is not zero, it is against plausibility in a country like India.
What good is technological advancement, and humans foraying into space if we cannot even ensure basic dignity to a human being of this land? What reflected glory do we boast about when, we take pride in sport victories and any other of similar kind if we are so lame about ensuring justice to a woman who has been wronged in the worst possible manner?! And it is the collective responsibility of the citizens of this land and the Government (including the opposition) to ensure that justice is meted out to each and every woman subjected to this severe trauma...and more importantly lay down punishment without any exception, that would shiver the hell out of any man, who would dare to harbour such lewd thoughts!
Let no other woman die a million deaths fighting the battle when no one pays heed to her calls for justice. For this 23-year old para-medical student, who had gone out to watch a movie, that night changed her life forever beyond hope! ...let there be no such nights in any other woman’s life ever...I hope some law-maker, policy-maker or someone in a position to bring in change will wake up to realize this! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ruminating the Past!

Going through old blog posts is like leafing through an old diary....a variety of emotions that I went through ... ‘Really, I felt like that?’ ... ‘Omigod! I had almost forgotten about this!’ ... ‘the day I wrote this, I was really happy...awww!’ ...and a variety of emotions, a chronicle of the mind and the times changing colours.