Friday, November 15, 2013

Tring Tring …it is the wake-up call!

The alarm rang, as always by habit. I fumbled for it…something felt different. Yes, it is not my pillow & not my bed certainly. This bed is too soft. Oh yes…this is England…right! Arrived last night…& then hit the realization…I am on holiday, I don’t have to go to work…I mean I don’t have to go to work today, I don’t have to go to work tomorrow or day after or even the day after…oh damn! It doesn’t really feel as happy as it should! What does one do when there’s no work and no study either? I don’t know that life….maybe I should wear a nice dress, wear a smile & go out for a walk….Explore the World Pooja…I whispered to myself!

Summers in England are not really as warm as they should be and the mood swings of the weather is worse than a woman PMSing…any moment without a warning it’d start pouring! Did I really need this holiday, I wonder?!

I made way for a café. Okay…so the cheapest coffee is £1.30 ….rapid calculation inside the head, that would be Rs. 104…what if I have a sandwich too…so that’d be £4.80 in total…once again rapid calculation…Rs. 384…oh damn! Am not I spending too much?! Never mind, it is the first day & the Husband is earning in Pound Sterling! Scraping off the last morsel off my plate and draining the last drop of liquid I walk here and there soaking in all around me. Just in one corner, I see a theatre…if I stay back here, oh well, if I am ever allowed to stay back here, maybe I would perform in one of these theatres…I smile to myself…who needs logic while day-dreaming anyway! Then I spot a dome-shaped building. I walk in greeted by smiles. There is the young and the old; smart women and roly-poly Mums…whoa! A library!

“you mean I can take 6 books at a time?”
“There is no membership fee also?” I felt like they have pushed me in a heaven! Books neatly kept even better than the swanky stores in India…oh man! There’s Hillary Mantel’s latest!...oh god…isn’t that what Jeffrey Archer released last month?! Sigh…happiness…there’s a lot to do when one is not working and not studying after all!

Swindon…small town England. The trees. The cobblestone roads. The Parks. The Pubs. And the Library.

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