Tuesday, March 4, 2014

10 tips for a Gorgeous Travel Experience!

1.      Politeness & Gratitude – Never forget to thank people, right from the crew at the airport, fellow-traveler to the coffee-shop guy. Great suggestions & unknown trivia come from least expected quarters if we have a smiling, grateful countenance.

2.      Say “No” to distractions – Stay away as much as possible from all Social Media, & IMs. They are a completely in contradiction to “Being in the Moment”.  Trust me, apart from the family & absolute few close & concerned, no one is really interested in knowing what you are up to!

3.      Be Super-adaptive & learn to let go – Flights may not take off, the hotel room may be a lot more shabby than the pic they had in website and umpteen things may go wrong or digress from the plan. Take it in your stride. Accept it, & then it’s all fine. I have experienced some mind-blowing things when my plans have gone awry.

4.      Stick to the local cuisine – The local food is best suited to the weather of the place and it is one way to experience a place. Never try to find comfort food when you travel unless taken ill in an unfortunate circumstance.

5.      Eat less :) & drink plenty of water. Yeah, water… NOT aerated drinks. Staying hydrated is extremely important to adapt to a new place.

6.      Walk, walk & walk. That’s the best way to figure out any place. At the end of the day, you would come across places that no guide book has ever documented, even the Lonely Planet guide.

7.      Strictly follow the rules of that place (especially while travelling abroad). We Indians often make a mess of this one.

8.      Avoid watching news. Nothing much would change if we are not updated with the World’s whereabouts for a few days.

9.      Create beautiful moments as you travel. Surprise yourself. Do some crazy mad stuff. looking back it’s not the photos, but suddenly reminiscing the moments that would bring a smile to your lips.

10.  Travel light. It’s so much fun to have both hands, if not, one hand free…I learnt it the hard way after paying excess baggage of 150 Euros…sigh!!