Thursday, June 11, 2015

There are only onward journeys...never return

This was preordained, just like ‘The Prodigal Daughter’ was the first Jeffery Archer I read; from the first library I held a membership of. That was years ago. Today it doesn’t feel real. Because it was not planned, it was preordained. Just the way I still feel connected to Florentyna Rosnovski. Just like another stranger of Polish descent I met amidst the books in British Library who went on to become a friend, and we spoke for hours without really knowing each other. It is the ‘connect’ that is around me without even me being aware of it…well not always. And today I sit at an airport cafĂ© in Frankfurt, in anticipation of what awaits me.


I slept through most of the flight. 3 A.M. flights are not a delight actually. In fact let me admit, that I actually questioned myself once, why the hell did I need to make this trip at all?! The feeling never lasts for more than a minute though! And then I woke up. Cranial Pain. Caffeine and Omelette. A Wes Anderson Movie - you’d never guess. The Darjeeling limited :) I laughed and laughed. no escape from India I guess.


Frankfurt. Humming, and not buzzing. Just how the journey has been so far. When one cabbie stood me up, and the other turned up. When the rain came pitter-patter at midnight. The faces around me. Everyone of us in an onward journey.

Monday, March 30, 2015

the trail

a year’s sabbatical it was; but then I have returned. like the way one returns to a road oft traveled in the past. the time away stretched way too much, but I am glad that I am back. I have no clue for how long though. but then, I often surprise myself. but then, it must have been love.

more often than not the things we end up not doing tend to be fulfilling if we figure out the courage to do it. we find freedom in what we do; like earning your own living; like creating a piece; like driving your own vehicle; like walking alone for miles in an unknown city; like discovering freedom from expectations.

like those numerous things that I didn't do. but I hope I’ll find the courage; tonight, tomorrow.