Thursday, June 11, 2015

There are only onward journeys...never return

This was preordained, just like ‘The Prodigal Daughter’ was the first Jeffery Archer I read; from the first library I held a membership of. That was years ago. Today it doesn’t feel real. Because it was not planned, it was preordained. Just the way I still feel connected to Florentyna Rosnovski. Just like another stranger of Polish descent I met amidst the books in British Library who went on to become a friend, and we spoke for hours without really knowing each other. It is the ‘connect’ that is around me without even me being aware of it…well not always. And today I sit at an airport café in Frankfurt, in anticipation of what awaits me.


I slept through most of the flight. 3 A.M. flights are not a delight actually. In fact let me admit, that I actually questioned myself once, why the hell did I need to make this trip at all?! The feeling never lasts for more than a minute though! And then I woke up. Cranial Pain. Caffeine and Omelette. A Wes Anderson Movie - you’d never guess. The Darjeeling limited :) I laughed and laughed. no escape from India I guess.


Frankfurt. Humming, and not buzzing. Just how the journey has been so far. When one cabbie stood me up, and the other turned up. When the rain came pitter-patter at midnight. The faces around me. Everyone of us in an onward journey.

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